Telecommunications Engineering

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Case Analysis 2 - Research in Motion - RIM

Case Analysis 2 - Research in Motion - RIM

Research the history of RIM, specifically with an eye toward product development.

Assignment 4


Evaluating Objective and Projective Asessments






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Gender Speech Communities

In two pages describe verbal communication between you and a close friend or romantic partner of the other sex. Analyze the extent to which you and the other person follow patterns typical of women and men in general.

Project Plan Paper

topic : amazon e-commerce 


Provide a 1-2 page paper that identifies your research to-date, your strategy to obtain required information, your plan for emphasizing telecommunications, and any background and telecom information on your chosen company.

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Throughout this course, you will work on developing a comprehensive website plan and functional 3-page website based on a topic of your choice. Each week, you will complete and submit an individual project developing your website plan and website.

Website Brainstorm:

Resource: Use the "Web Design Best Practices Checklist", Table 3.1, of Basics of Web Design: HTML5 & CSS3, 3rd Edition to guide your review.

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