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KIM WOODS ONLY please see attached.

KIM woods only.   please see attached.


Mthylogical Couples due 7 am.

For this project you will make a short presentation using mutlimedia presentation software to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of one of the following stories of mythological couples:

latin short story due 7 am

I hope you’re feeling a little creative!  Your assignment is to log onto the discussion board and compose a humorous and coherent story (in English) in which you properly use at least 5 of the sayings, mottos, and/or abbreviations from this section.  The story should be long enough so that you have properly used the five items in a believable and sensible way. 

Here are some humorous ideas for inspiration (you don’t have to incorporate any of these if don’t wish to):

Ovid's Metamophoses

Your Assignment is to research another four stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses and present them in a slide show,

Present four different myths not covered in this unit from Ovid’s Metamorphoses (this information is very easy to find online).


quote your favorite Latin saying or motto, explain its meaning, and give an example of where you might use it.  If you don’t have one in mind, feel free to look one up on the web first.

Must be at least 5 sentences

Quality Heroes

Consider the qualities that allowed the heroes to defeat the monsters.  That is, what made each a hero?  Who are your heroes and what qualities do they possess? What obstacles have they had to overcome?

Must be a paragraph of at least 7 sentences.

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