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Find 1 Scripture readings SOOOOO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Due: 05/012016 17:00 p.m  (24 hours from now)

Follow the require do this work.

Dont Late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU LATE I WILL BE DISPUTE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This work you should find 1 Scripture readings and finish the chart


Book Review Summary - no more than 3 pages

I need someoe to write a book review summary of the following book:


When a Heart Turns Rock Solid

Author: Timothy Black


Link to book info on

Philosophy paper

Explain your own words, own idea ( Like use, I think, I believe)  how the story “ the Tuman Show” is similar to the Plato‘s “myth of the cave”. And also need to relate with the nowadays society.

Must use some specific detail to explain it !!!

500 words

The Sociology of Mass Media and Social Media

Assignment Details

Points Possible 100.0

Resubmissions Allowed?             No

Attachments checked for originality?    Yes

Assignment Instructions

SOCIOLOGY 498 - Senior Seminar in Sociology



For prof.macqueen Only


please write about your experiences with “race talk.” That is, pay attention to what people say about race and the races around you and summarize that experience on one page single space.

classroom meeting transcript

Pretend to be an observer of a successful class meeting. Write down a script of everything that took place. Include the grade level, the time, ground rules, the issues, student interaction and outcomes of the meeting.

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