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Using current APA format, you will create a working outline for your final research paper. This outline will include a title page (making any corrections from research paper topic and annotated bibliography feedback). Using current APA headings, you will outline your paper into various sections. You must include a brief summary of the kind of content and scholarly sources you plan to include in each section, giving a clear direction for your final research paper.

Dr. Rocal only - Sociology Research Paper

APA Format - Times New Roman (size 12)  4 pages  - see message sent to Dr. Rocal


Sociology Research Paper on Nepal


The Effects of War and Peace on Foreign Aid(7) years.  

YHOMIT 20161027

Discussion of 350 words work cited APA format.


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Assessing the Crisis

Write a 50- to 75-word crisis scenario to use for this assignment. Using the hybrid model, provide an example of how to illustrate each step for the situation outlined in the scenario.

Create a progress note* that captures the ABCs of assessment—affective, behavioral, and cognitive—from the scenario created in Part One. See the following example before completing the table that follows.


APA format, Scenario's attached




Can the assignment below be completed by next Tuesday if possible. The book selected for this assignment is John C. Maxwell’s-Developing the Leader within You. Please let me is this assignment is feasible. 

Ethics discussion

Provide your profession/place of employment. Why do you think codes of ethics are important to have in a workplace/profession? What important ethical principles do you THINK your workplace should have?

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