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Trump vs Clinton debate






in one page :


Watch/Listen to the debate for at least half an hour. Provide the context: home, school, etc. ( clinton vs trump debate)

-Select ONE topic discussed by the contenders.

Outline Assignment Redo

ask: Writing an Outline for an upcoming project


The topic whose outline is to be written is the Proposed Topic in the Proposal.  I have attached the proposal so kindly check.


The proposal had already been written and I have attached it herein.


Now all you need to do is check the proposal so you can know what the project is about and what was proposed then you write an outline for the project.


You will use the proposal to write the project within the next few days.



500 words

Unlike those working in many other professions, correctional employees are constantly exposed to individuals with criminal tendencies. Exposure to these deviant individuals can have a negative influence on correctional employees if not properly managed by correctional agencies

500 words

Sentencing philosophies have evolved over time. As these sentencing philosophies have evolved, so have correctional practices to accommodate the various types of punishment imposed upon those convicted of criminal offenses.

Motivation in Organizations (Pleasefor Prof Moses Geek only)

I need help with my Motivation in Organizations homework. I need 5 pages describing a personal story that has to do with motivation in organizations and relate it with things that we learned in class. You can come up with any story, as long as you can convince my professor that the story had happened with me (Just a regulaer college kid, maybe a experience at my work environment).

Communication Skills Needed in My Career Field

My major is Chemeical Engineering.


Please find and read the attached file. You have to answer all the questions needed. 


it should be 5 pages.


Reading Summary

Please make a memo for each reading assignment to comprehensively summarize all the main points.

Bullet points and short phrases are good enough.

There are multiple assignments throughout the semester, so maybe we can make this a long-term partnership if your first memo is helpful to me. 

The readings are from criminology class. 

Price is depending on the pages of readings. 



Reading_material_sample: it is an example of what a reading material looks like, but you will work on much much shorter ones. 

Culture Clash: Tradition and Modernity

Read the case studies “The Democratization of Italy”, “Kashmir”, and “South Africa” in Chapter 2 of Cross-Cultural Perspectives and then appraise the impact of modernity on both the developed and developing worlds with respect to tradition, economic development, and politics.  In your opinion, has modernity led to more difficulties in the developed or developing world?

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