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Music Appreciation Homework

Answer these two questions, in at least 200 words using this citation:




Wright, C. (2013). Listening to music (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Schirmer.



Question 1:


Question/Prompt: Discuss 2 different neurological disorders that can occur in development and how they affect development. In addition, discuss what research suggests about the effects of spiritual disciplines (prayer, meditation) on neurobiology.


must be 500 words.  


I attached an example of how the prof wants to repsonse formatted and what she is looking for.  


read and watch

Please critique Alexander book pp 173-185 

For averylulu ONLY

The purpose of this discussion is to give you the opportunity to apply ethical theories and perspectives to modern issues of the workplace. Off-duty conduct away from the workplace can be monitored and reported in many ways. These ways have only grown due to the increase in social media use, which provides employers far greater opportunities to become aware of what employees do outside of the workplace. Some types of behaviors are especially concerning, as they may have on-duty consequences.

watch video and write about it


i want one you to write one page about those Video


Christian Education

1. How has Christian Education Influenced your life experiences

2. Where Do You See yourself in 5 years

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