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implicit prejudice- will pay $15

Due Date: Apr 30, 2017 23:59:59       Max Points: 30

Connect the video "The Trans List" to sociology

Watch the documentary called "The Trans List" and Connect the video to the course in 4-5 sentences. For full credit, go beyond the obvious and connect the film to a specific course concept

Latin American Studies Short Essay on Racial Democracy

I need an experienced writer who will NOT change their mind after receiving the down payment and can follow the given instructions. If you cannot handle the project, then do not bother accepting it because it is difficult finding someone else. Please open the doc and read the title and thesis. Chicago style citations and end notes MUST be used. The end notes are NOT included in the 3 pages.




Literature Reveiw 8 pages min, with out cover sheet and cititation. Pacific instructions

Two problems about Christian and Muslim

Problems are attached as a picture.

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