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Gillian Scott is an experienced nurse on a medical/surgical floor at a community hospital. She arrives at 6:45 PM for her 12-hour night shift concerned about the impending blizzard that is forecasted to bring 2-3 feet of snow and damaging winds during the next 12-18 hours. At 9:00 PM several nurses begin to ask Gillian if she is going to contact the nursing supervisor to seek strategies to ameliorate probable staffing shortages in the morning in order to secure safe patient care.

Answer the following Questions:


I want you to write 2 page critique about 4 things and  Please separate the critique of each reading assignment by CAPPING, highlighting, or underlining the first word of the critique


First I want you to read pages 173 to 185 from the book I will upload A word


format that has the pages


Second I want you to read short article called Study: Latinos Mostly Ignored Or


Stereotyped In English-Language Films & TV and this is the link


week 5

Please see attached



I want you to write a critique and you impression about three pointsPlease separate the critique of each reading assignment by CAPPING, highlighting, or underlining the first word of the critique.


speech class wk4


Written Assignment: Team Collaborative Outline Exercise

GMO project part 4

Analysis of Impact Draft


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