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write a paper on a particular behavioral theory of group counseling the paper should include the following sections:

1- Goals of group counseling for  behavioral theory of group counseling.

2-Roles and functions of the group leader for  behavioral theory of group counseling,

3- Use of techniques for  behavioral theory of group counseling.

4- Areas of application and populations for  which the theory is best suited for  behavioral theory of group counseling.


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Advertisers are very aware of the audiences to which

Sociological Event

Explain the event from a sociological perspective. Use sociological vocabulary correctly and thoroughly in your analysis and address the following questions:

Refwe to description

Respond to the following essay questions. Cite quoted material and other sources (MLA), pay attention to supportive detail, correct grammar, edified diction and thorough approach.


1)       Explain how an investigator prepares a criminal case for trial.
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