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Choose one of the eight topics of the month (You may combine the topics).

Use at least 4 articles/chapters and write a critical and logical essay with 1,400-1,700 words.

Discuss major issues of the articles, criticize the authors and the articles, and argue your own

thesis. Include your own opinion and criticism on the articles (at least ¼ of the paper).



Write a 700- to 1,050-w


one to two paragraphs, I don't need a cover page just include reference though APA format.

HHS Final Paper

Helping Those in Need

For your Final Paper, you will select a target population from the following list:

Ann can I get this work by the due date. 4-5 pages not including Title and reference pages.

For this assignment, reference the ACA Code of Ethics as well as any other ethical codes from professional organizations specific to your program (that is, ASCA's 2015 Ethical Standards for School Counselo

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