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ETH 125 Final Exam (All Correct)

1. In sociology, minority refers to the

a. dominant group.

b. subordinate group.

c. largest group.

d. smallest group.

California Coast University GED260 Criminology Unit 2 Exam


1) The term “positivism” came from the writings of

A) Franz Gall.

Political science

MLA format need done today instructions for paper are in attachment.



California Coast University GED260 Criminology Unit 3 Exam


1) Which of the following is not one of the ideas contributed to the criminological literature by labeling theory?

Bshs 445 Assessing the Crisis

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Assessing the Crisis - worksheet attached.

Discussion post and short paper

Here is the topic of the discussion post:

Do you think prenatal testing and counseling should be mandatory? Be sure to support your responses.


critique paper - proffessor2013

Write a critique paper about the following:
(1 page and a half Total single spaced Time new roman font 12) ( Half page for the first three..
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