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<p>Hello,&nbsp;</p><p>Open this link you will find a presention about Puerperal Fever.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>I want you to use the sildes from this presention to make a new one

paper on coal in US

In this assignment you will write a 1-2 page, (500 to 1000 word) assessment of the status of coal in the US. Coal is still an important resource but it has become less so. In this paper you will assess trends and express your opinion on the future of the US use of coal in electrical production and support your opinion with facts.


Choose one type of plate boundary and describe an example, including how the plates move relative to each other and what features are associated with them. Then, do the same for an example of one of the three types of volcanoes. Be sure to include where it is found and its eruptive history.



needs to be at least 250 words, thorough info, detailed.


Choose a volcano found on other bodies of our solar system from the website below. Describe the volcano and its type, list its location and provide an example of a similar volcano here on Earth.  Where might the extraterrestrial volcano be found if it was on Earth?

The lab introduction will give you some guidance in this.


Needs to be at least 250 words, apa format, and thorough

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Create a motivational bulletin of 350 to 700 words that could be posted throughout your workplace, directed to employees, emphasizing effective consumer relations. Include the following:

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