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politics 355 exam

i have an exam multiple choices on tuseday 49 questions 

Physics Research Paper - Mars

1-3 pages of research paper about Planet Mars, paper should cover:


A brief history of exploration of Mars,

Physical Science description of Mars,

Recent discoveries about Mars,

Biosphere settlement on a planet,

Why Mars is preferred for settlement and some future space operations over the Moon and other Planets,

Case Study Crime Scene

In the attachment, you will find photographs of a crime scene that has some challenges. You will be asked to analyze these photographs and provide a paper (minimum 600 words) detailing the challenges and how, exactly, to overcome these challenges to process the crime scene safely. You should also explain in detail all of the safety issues at this scene, including the dangers to the processing personnel as well as explain how the CSI and detective personnel can examine the scene and recover evidence safely.



HealthCare essay



Assignment 2: Dropbox Assignment

The Course Project

In this week, you will continue to complete the tasks of the project topic selected in Week 1.

Topic 1: Disease Process

For a hypothetical patient who has the disease you selected, create a socioeconomic profile of your choice.



Nurse 6512


For this Discussion, you will take on the role of a clinician who is building a health history for one of the following new patients:


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