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Multiculture Seminar Essay

Please read the article and write the essay. I also uploaded a sample paper to show you what the teacher is looking for.

Critical Paragraph




7-8 sentences should demonstrate an obvious good faith effort to carefully and fairly address the question below about the reading.


Question for the Critical Paragraph:


write a critique for my paper and response with critique

1. this is my friend homework that write a critique for my paper. 1.5page.   write a simple crititque question, maybe just some suggestions for futher reserch of my topic. 

*no work cited.


2. write one paragraph to response with his critique question.




due time: 05/24 10:00 AM



Chart the distinctions and similarities between the Exodus event and the Christ event using the supplied chart.

rel mus

What acts or actions prove that worship 'lies at the very heart of the Christian' story?

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