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Contingency Planning in Business*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial Use as Guide Paper*****

Interview someone you know who is in a management role. This can be at your current place of employment or someone you know personally working in a managerial role. 

Prepare a 1,050-word discussion of the interview: 

Curfew Laws and Drivers Restrictions*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial Use as Guide Paper*****

Using the information from the PowerPoint presentation you created in Module 3, write an Argument Paper that takes a position on the issue you selected. Be sure to include an explanation of the topic, possible viewpoints on the topic, your selected position on the topic, and appropriate evidence to support both your position and that of your possible opponents. Avoid the errors in reasoning that we have studied during the past five weeks by providing your argument in a logically defensible form.

FILM ANALYSIS*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial Use as Guide Paper*****

For this assignment, you will select a film that deals with a moral concern. You will briefly summarize this film (250 words). Then, you will analyze how the film treats this moral issue. Use the text to support your analysis (about 500 words). The paper should employ an APA title page, in-text citations and a References page.

Below is a diverse selection of films that would be appropriate for this activity. You may select from this list or propose another film.

Biology- VITAMIN-K*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial Use as Guide Paper*****


TASK: Select a mineral/water and address the question below

Select a mineral or water and describe "yourself" in first person as if you are a mineral or water.  DO NOT give away your identity because your classmates will be guessing your identity. Have some fun with this one!

 Think about the following questions as you write your post:

Business Analysis*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial Use as Guide Paper*****

Resources:  Videos listed in Week 5 and Leadership Blog Template

View the videos listed in this week's classroom materials.

Corporate Social Responsibility*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial Use as Guide Paper*****

You are the author of a popular CSR article. For this week’s discussion post, discuss the main reasons why Apple is or is not a socially responsible organization. List at least two examples of Apple’s actions that support your position. Be sure to use terms from Chapter 3 to demonstrate your understanding of corporate social responsibility.

Individual Visual Logic Choice and Iteration*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial Use as Guide Paper*****

Select two tasks a program could perform that would be useful to a small business.

Each task must include the following:

  • A conditional step
  • Some form of iteration

Example tasks include the following:

Technology and Organisation behaviours*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial Use as Guide Paper*****

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Assignment 3: Technology and Organizational Behavior Issues 

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