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Identify two barriers that influence your critical thinking.

Include barriers listed in Thinking: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Critical and Creative Thought, Ch. 2

Write 100 to 150 words for each barrier, describing them and how you can overcome them. Total word count will be 200 to 300 words.


read th PDF first and answer the question on 'Journal.docx', when you answer the question, you can check the link on 'journal.docx', it will help you to answer the question.

wizzard kim

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plagerized free 100% original work



Stages of Critical Thinking Worksheet



Before beginning this assignment, review the  Final Paper instructions.

Self-Disclosure on Social Networking Websites

Summarize different models of self-disclosure and their uses in interpersonal communication to strengthen, distance, or manage relationships.

In Bevan and Sole (2014), Chapter 7 addresses the concept of “self-disclosure” and links its relationship formation and psychological health. In this discussion, you will take on the importance, and potential risk, of disclosing information on social network sites.

Communication Apprehension

 Take time to reflect on a specific experience you had in the workplace where you faced the challenge of communication apprehension. Think about how to overcome this challenge. What changes can you make to improve how you communicate at work? Reflect on communication as both the problem and solution.

 Based on course materials and your own reflections, address the following:

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