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I need 300 words answer for the EACH discussions below. Must support your each answer with 3 credible sources cited in APA. Must provide 100% original Answer.


MGMT 501 Content Analysis

Review the Week Seven Course Material in the Lessons section so that you are familiar with content analysis. Select either conceptual analysis or relational analysis as your approach to present your content analysis paper. Select three scholarly journal articles (you can use any of the scholarly journal articles that were used in your annotated bibliography) and conduct either a conceptual analysis or a relational analysis.


Chart the distinctions and similarities between the Exodus event and the Christ event using the supplied chart.   

compare and contrast between Gilgamesh and Donald Trump

Describe what's the difference and common ground between Gilgamesh and Donald Trump?


Reason and Why


  • approximately 3 pages


Draw an organization chart

Use the attachment to complete this assignment.


For Intellects

Submit an article review of a scholarly journal article using the instructions/concepts presented in the lecture this week (Introduction, Summary, Reflections, Implications).
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