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Capstone paper

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BUS 370 Organization Development*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial*****Use as Guide Paper*****

You have been hired as a consultant (to your current organization, previous organization, or a fictional organization). Describe and analyze a human resource/organizational problem(s) and recommend an organizational development strategy (ies). Provide a rationale as to why you think this approach will help.

Industrial Hygiene unit VIII*****Plagiarism free *****A++ Rated Tutorial Already***** Use as a Guide Paper*****

1) Please solve the following problem, indicating your response on a Word document and submitting the document via File Upload.


Corporate Social Responsibility*****A++ Rated Tutorial Already***** Use as a Guide Paper*****

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Global Citizenship"  Please respond to the following:

  • You are the author of a popular CSR article. For this week’s discussion post, discuss the main reasons why Apple is or is not a socially responsible organization. List at least two examples of Apple’s actions that support your position. Be sure to use terms from Chapter 3 to demonstrate your understanding of corporate social responsibility.

Assignment 3 Email Based on Listening Skills Scenario*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial Use as Guide Paper*****

Due Week 5 and worth 150 points

Your supervisor has asked to you write a brief email on the vacation policy changes to be distributed to staff. You will need to listen to a voice mail from your supervisor with instructions on how to create the email to announce the new vacation policy. The voice mail will include specific details that must be followed in creating the email. This audio voice mail can be found in your course shell.

Create an email message in which you:

i have a short paper for Huminety class, it's about reading a story and answer the question



Using the following prompt, write a thoughtful paper in 400 - 600 words. If you feel you have more to say, you may take up to 800 words.





research paper

choose one of the MNCs to conduct a strategic analysis of the company in China.

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