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Apple VS Samsung

Apple iPads continue to be successful. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one (1) of iPad’s competitors. Use the Internet and  Library to research the advantages and disadvantages of these devices and to determine if they are comparable. Research the features of both tablets, such as the operating systems used and their capabilities, cameras (front and rear) resolution, processors, display resolution, battery life, display size, internal memory, ports, etc.


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Psychology Theories

Create an original capstone portfolio presentation that demonstrates your core content knowledge. Presentation modalities may include, but are not limited to, Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations of 12 to 15 slides, videos, and so forth, excluding any introductory slides and the reference slides. Your presenter notes should be complete with at least 100 words per slide.

Final Strategic Plan and Presentation

CAREER CONNECTION: Final Strategic Plan and Presentation

Balanced Scorecard

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word strategic objectives summary. Include your balanced scorecard and its impact on all stakeholders, and the communication plan.

Identify key trends, assumptions, and risks in the context of your final business model.

Balanced Scorecard

Strategic Plan Part 3: Balanced Scorecard, Communication Plan, and Risk Analysis

IT Support for Virtual Teams

Global organizations have branches that are located in multiple countries. Some of these organizations develop software and take advantage of the global talent pool of software developers while others have global technical support teams, customer service, and so on. Virtual teams are created when two or more people work together from different locations, organizations, times zone, and / or time shifts.

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