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week 1 course 500 DQ 1 and 2

APA 500 words this has to be APA format 500 words

Topic 1, DQ 1 

Curriculum Foundations

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Due in 10 hours! five easy reflection paper for extra credit events. double space, one page(five pages in total)

REQUIRMENTS: these events are just extra credit,each event needs a one page reflection paper, double space. just talk about hows the experience and what do you think. you can do some research online, but more talk about personal feeling.

Occupational Risk managemnet

I have a test, 50 questions and 1.5 hour time limit, I have attached sample questions so if you sure for A grade send me handshake but no time waster pls



plz revised my work and correct grammer mistake....

Eastern Religion paper

Minimum 4 pages, requirement see attachments. 

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