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HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs

At the 2009 World AIDS Day, Ban Ki-moon, who was the Secretary General of the United Nations, spoke about the next steps to combat AIDS. Ban said (Global Commission, 2011):


“Not only do people bolster beliefs in their ability to control in response to successful control of an event but also they hold an unwarranted belief that they can control chance events,” states Yamaguchi (Matsumoto (Ed.), 2001, pp. 226–227) in the course text.

Aggression and Violence

Aggression is, “an act or behavior that intentionally hurts another person, either physically or psychologically” (Matsumoto & Juang, 2008, p. 389).  While some expressions of aggression are universal, cross-cultural differences exist in the type and level of aggression that are considered to be legally or socially sanctioned.

Interpersonal Relations

Consider your present working environment or your most recent workplace. Would you consider it a multicultural environment, and if so, were you able to work effectively with your coworkers? In a multicultural environment, one must learn to work in a group whose members are from both collectivistic and individualistic cultures.


“The feelings, associations, connotations, and nuances of language both influence and are influenced by the culture” (Matsumoto & Juang, 2008, p. 227). Cultural differences exist in how people communicate with each other. You may be familiar with lexicons (what people call themselves and others), pragmatics (how language is used and understood), verbal and non-verbal communication styles; encoding; and decoding.

Sexual Behavior

Gender and sexuality are intertwined in many cultures. (Gardiner & Kosmitzki, 2011) Socialization agents teach the appropriate behaviors for gender and the acceptable sexual attitudes and behaviors within a culture. Cultural differences exist around the world and across countries.

annotated biblo

An APA formatted Annotated Bibliography of 6 peer-reviewed, evidence-based academic journal articles is required by the end of Week 4.

Gender Socialization

Not only are people born into a specific culture, they also are socialized into specific gender roles. “Cross cultural studies of gender are concerned with both the degree to which psychological processes and behaviors are relatively invariant across cultures and how they vary systematically with cultural influences,”  according to Best and  Williams (Matsumoto (Ed.), 2001, p. 197).

500-600 word discussion

Assignment 1: Research Paper and Ethics

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to ascertain any explicit or implicit ethical issues and considerations in your literature reviews and research papers.

Pro. Frank 1

The following pairs of co-morbid disorders and  a write 700 words  based on your research:

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