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The assignment must be completed by the deadline, please!

I have listed the CONCEPTS on the attachment(READ IT IN DETAIL) to which please seek out the answers to.  Please do not put concepts/phenomenon that is not listed for accuracy with assignment purposes; only those in attachment, please!

I am a Behavioral Science major- which factors into the assignment as well.


The Stages if Sleep Annotated Bibliography

Chosen topic "Stages Of Sleep"

Create an annotated bibliography for the topic above to make a Psychology Research Report. Create an annotated bibliography which must include 3 different sources. These sources can include journals, periodicals, books, credible Internet articles (e.g. .org, .gov, or .net), etc.


For each of the 3 sources that you research, you will need to cite the bibliographic information in APA format followed by a summary, assessment, and a reflection. Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar.

Describe Memory Written Paper

For each of the following, write a paragraph describing each of the types of memory and providing an original example of how you use each.


  1. Short term memory (process and example)
  2. Long term memory (process and example)
  3. Sensory memory process (process and example)


No plagiarism please. Must be done in APA format. Due date 05/26/2017 by 12PM Noon.


Need someone to give respectable answer

What is the purpose of NBCC known as the The National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) please state in your own words no plag must be APA Standards and elaborate on it 



PSY 100 Assignment 2: Adjustment Case Study

Go to NPR’s StoryCorps Website, located at 

PSY100 Assignment wk8

  1. Assignment 2: Adjustment Case Study

    Due in Week 8 and worth 230 points

Psychology Question 5

Please answer each question with at  least 200 nothing less. Both question should have references.

 NOTES and ARTICLES are attached for each question.  DUE Friday  May 26th



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