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Share with your fellow students what you found most interesting in studying the different theories, which ones made the most sense to you and why, and how they can be applied in your professional pursuits. Do not attach any of your Conceptualization and Treatment Plan papers; instead, simply discuss which theories seem most intriguing for your further study and why. Share the highlights and key aspects you took away from the course.

Module 1 Assignment 3

 Profiling Presidential Stalkers

Module 1 Assignment 2

Principles of Investigative Psychology

Over the last two hundred years, criminal investigations have become progressively more sophisticated and are based on solid scientific principles. Psychologists involved in analysis of the personality and behavioral characteristics of an offender have made significant contributions to the understanding of a crime and its perpetrator.

Paper to be written by Sunday at 0800hrs No later

Assignment 1: Personal Reflection Journal Entry

Due in Week 4 and worth 175 points


The goal of this assignment is to explore the meaning of justice. In a 3–4-page paper, address the following:

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