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What does the Standard Error of Estimate (SEE) measure and what can this tell us about how well our linear regression models data? Just need 125 words


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Suppose that you are reviewing a table of data from a study. It’s stated that the table of data represents a linear relationship. You noticed that as one factor increases, the second factor decreases. Would we describe this linear relationship as having a negative or positive slope? Just need 125 words




APA Assignment Instructions


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Provide a response to the following questions.


1.     The Wilcox & Keselman (2003) article from this week’s electronic readings discusses two problems with measures of central tendency: skewness of the data and outliers. Discuss each of these issues and how they affect measures of central tendency.




  • Conduct an Internet search to examine Web sites on response to intervention (RTI).

Discussion & Assignment

Discussion: Probability in Real Life

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