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Wendy Lewis only 3

What is negotiation? What are the common negotiation pitfalls? What are the strategies to overcome them? Just need

125 words

Wendy Lewis only 2

Using a practical example, what are the benefits and potential problems associated with conflict? What are examples of strategies that can be applied for resolving conflict? Just needn 125 words


Wendy Lewis only 1

What role does effective interpersonal communication play within organizations? Just need 125 words



1) Can nonhumans use language? One of the basic characteristics of humans is the ability to use language. Present an argument that is either for or against the notion that nonhumans use language. Remember, you must cite empirical research to support your assertions.


who is going to bless me?

Write a 300-word paper summarizing how you intend to solve the problem selected below.

Explain the Five-Step Model in Ch. 3 of Thinking Critically

Social psychology

Social psychology has yielded many controversial experiments. For your assignment this week, you are to research one of the following works: Asch (Line Experiment), Milgram (Teacher/Learner Experiment), or Zimbardo (Prison Experiment).In at least 500 words (submitted in APA format) Describe the experiment Describe the social construct that was being studied Describe the issues related to the research Describe the contributions this research had to the field/science of psychology.

Assignment 3: Persuasion Versus Judgment

Consider various guidelines for approaching controversial topics, gathering evidence, forming judgments, and constructing arguments to persuade others to agree with our judgments.

For this short assignment:


Discuss some of the advantages of using a between subject design

PSY 221 child psy. article critique project: need references and title page


Article Critique Project: Revised Title Page and Reference List Instructions


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