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Assignment 2: (RA 1): Self-Analysis

Assignment 2: (RA 1): Self-Analysis

In this assignment, you will pick two of your many identities to research and analyze in terms of how each identity may affect your provision of services.


Assignment 1: Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation

Assignment 1: Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation

One of the main objectives of this course is for you to examine your ethnic heritage, cultural identity, values, and assumptions and analyze their impact on the provision of culturally competent services; therefore, in each module, you will focus on how a specific component of culture relates to this. In this module, you will focus on sex and gender and discuss the differences between the two.


The criminal behavior I haev chose is PEDOPHILIA.

The instructions are:

Thoroughly analyze the possible psychological causes of the crime. Include at leastfour sources of literature, including at least one peer-reviewed journal article as well as lecture notes and text to support your position. Research the Argosy University online library resources to identify peer-reviewed journal articles for this assignment.

Write a paper that includes the following:

IR 1---breast milk and intelligence- Psychology - Please read and respond with cited Work - APA format

According to the studies, if you have a large group of breastfed babies and a large group of formula-fed babies, there will be more illness in the formula-fed group, and the breastfed group will have a slightly higher IQ. 

Intelligence and Raising Intellectual Ability- Psychology Only- Please respond to this Article with cited work APA format

Playing music can be a popular and in many ways effective way to stimulate creative and academic instincts in babies. According to studies from Washington University, including music into a babies play time can improve their speech and annunciation over time.

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Select a psychological disorder and a local organization that provides mental health services.  Obtain faculty approval of your selected disorder before beginning this assignment.


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Imagine a local company has contacted you regarding new employees from a different culture.


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