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David is a former drug user who has spent time in jail. For the past three years, he has not used drugs, and he now operates a forklift at a small construction company. However, lately, he has begun having seizures, or flashbacks, as a result of his earlier use of the drug PCP. He has been carefully evaluated by EAP professionals and was found to be clean of current drug use; indeed, they say flashbacks of this nature are quite common in ex-addicts.


This Powerpoint is designed to examine the concepts, issues, and dilemmas related to Death and Dying through the study of contemporary film.  Your task is to view and discuss a film that explores themes related to death and dying.  Examples include: The Big Fish, or Steal Magnolias along with any others.   In your discussion of the film, consider the following questions:

 Watch the Movie called Bucket List 2007  starring morgan freeman and Jack Nicholson


For your initial post, choose one of the following topics in the area of childhood development to research and discuss:

Corporal punishment




Attachment parenting


As a psychology professional, you have been asked to provide a caregiver with your professional opinion regarding how issues related to your chosen topic may influence short- and long-term physical, cognitive, or psychosocial development in his or her child. 


3rd assignment

  • For this assignment, you will complete an analysis of a case study that deals with o

For PhD Doctorate only

Final Paper

Below is a list from which you will select one topic for the Week Two assignment, another topic for the Week Three assignment, and a third topic for both the Outline of the Final Paper and the Final Paper.  The topic you select for your Outline of the Final Paper and this Final Paper must be different from the topics you select for the Week Two and Week Three assignments.

The topics include:

For PhD Doctorate only

Ashford 5: - Week 4 - Assignment

Outline of the Final Paper

For this assignment you are to examine a topic of lifespan development connecting research and life. Below is a list of topics from which you are to select one for the Outline of the Final Paper and the Final Paper. Make sure that the topic you select is different from the topics you selected for the Week Two and Week Three assignments.

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