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Precal Homework 20 questions

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For Madame Professor Only, pre-calc quiz

I hope this is how you see this Madame Professor 

Could you answer these questions for me?

This is a worksheet involving solving trigonometric equations and applications of trigonometric functions for a pre-calculus class.  Just so you know, a lot of the questions are multiple choice. Thanks!

This is to seperate assignments one due to day by midnight and the other by friday theses are imporantat one short on a lil longer please follow apa rules running header page number no copying or cut and paste also not to short or i will dispurt it. pric

Assignment 2: Evaluation of a Weight Loss Program

Many Americans believe that they are overweight, by a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. Because of this, weight loss systems are big business. For this assignment, you are to select a weight loss system and evaluate it in terms of the information about the physiology of ingestive behavior covered this module.

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