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Calculus for 6 weeks the weekly work has discussion which need to be done by thurseday and mymathlabs work done by fridays with responses if work is not compleated the agreement of payment will be voided and a refund will be given back to be  


Students will complete a battery of Gottman Questionnaires and score their questionnaires based on their own personal relationship. Students will write a 2 page reflection paper regarding their results of the Gottman Questionnaire.



MyMathLabs Calculus

Calculus for 7 weeks the weekly work has 2 discussion which need to be done by Thursday and responses by Sundays also 1 homework and 2 quizzes also final and mid term 

HW3 problem # 1-3


 Match the equation with the graph.


Given the current interest rates charged on loans and credit cards, it might be much better to try to save money for large purchases or expenses. Study the examples in your text (Sections 3.1 and 3.4) regarding compound interest with attention to the following formulas:

Fitting data

1. Consult an almanac, newspaper, magazine, or the Internet to find data that appear to lie approximately on or near a straight line. A few of the many free sources of data that might be appropriate to use are:

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