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Conic Sections


Give an example of a real-world situation in which you would apply graphing and operating on conic sections.  Describe a career where this would be important.  Explain your answer.


Pre calculus test! Need an A

i sent a picture of how I need to get those 3 exercises done, keep same structure 


Precalculus test!

Need help on this! Need at least an A!



i have a trig homework that has to be submitted tmorrow

Calculus quiz

This is for a 18 question quiz (on The price I am willing to pay is ONLY if I get an A on it! It is 18 questions with a 150 minute (2.5 hours) time limit. There are NO redos!! You also can't just view it. Once it is opened it has to be completed. So, if you don't know calculus very, very well, please don't agree to do it. As I am currently failing and have to have an A on this assignment!!!

pre-cal discussion

Explain how exponential functions can model both phenomena that grow and phenomena that decay. Note the main similarities and differences in the form of the function in each case.


***** i just need a couple of paragraphs  *******



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