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phys hw

Remember when no one on the internet&n

a physic quiz

This test has a time limit of 20 minutes.




Online physics homework

Freshman online physics homework, very easy. 13 questions left.

a physic homework

Just 2 questions for my online homework!

find solution manual

I need the solution manual for this book 


physical biology of the cell 2nd ed. by Phillips 


I need it asap please check if you can get a full solution manual for all chapters.

Annotated Bibliography Paper

This assignment is due this Sunday. The Annotated Bibliography must consist of 8 -10 referencesource (primarily peer-reviewed; scholarly journalso or theoretical texts are also accepted) in addition to the textbook and the Bible. Annotation do not merely describemail the journal but also include how the resources will be used in the research paper.



The topic for the research paper is called The Importance of Business Ethics In Workplaces. please also consider adding a specific subset of this topic to make it more clear about the topic in general. 

Discussion assignment

Select 1 of he following 


1.What does "right" really make? How do you know when something is truly right or wrong?

2. Why do people's views on what is right and wrong differ? why would anyone employed sawmill worker in Northern California feel differently about cutting old growth forests than a young lawyer working San Francisco who enjoys hiking in the Sierraso?

3. How do you attempt to convince people who degree with you about what is right?


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