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i got two questions in statics

High School Physics

High School Physic assignment help. Please help there are different assignments with some work already done, some need work shown but have answers, some have websites or videos; I marked the ones and it is on the page. All work must be shown and assignment number and problem number. Please must be on time and A work can not pass deadline; been in and out of hospital so have ton of work. Only someone who can complete on time please. Time is short due to last person taking hand shake and I never heard from them again after down payment.

Wendy Lewis only 2

Defibrillators are used to revive a person when their heart has stopped beating. How do they work? What care must the person administering the treatment take? Give other examples of medical devices based on the interaction between the human body and electrical currents.


Wendy Lewis only 1

Explore the Electrical Safety Foundation International's web pages on home safety located within the weekly readings. Then answer the following questions:

What are the dangers associated with electricity in your home?

What can be done to limit or prevent the possibilities of dying or getting hurt?


Physics lab work assignment

Hello, I hope someone can help.

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