Physics homework help

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A physics lab report

Only need 4 paragraphs in this lab report! Also, all answer need to follow my procedure.


You must look my procedure before you start work.


Physics (College Intro)

Need help with questions 2-4



Need problems 1-4 Shown work and logic


Looking for a physics expert

I am looking for an expert in Physics Circuits and Magnetism. however, before we do in work I have an old exam which I already have the correct answer for, I will give it to you and see if you are going to answer the question right or wrong. (10 multiple Q- 50 min). if you are an expert in this field let me know otherwise don't waste my time and yours 




online quiz physics

i need someone with 5 stars to help me with my phiscs quiz it only multiplue choice (8) only 

i will post exaples if the quiz down in the files 

one time you can do it in 30 min or an hour

physics experts only

i have a physics quiz....i have attached sample question plz check and let me know and plz plz experts only because i need 100% result ...thanks

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