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Read this format about how to write the physics lab report and contact me if you are really good at it.


A workman is working high in a tower when he drops a spanner, mass 500 grams, from a height of 50metres. Assuming g = 10N/kg




physics discussion homework help

  • One of your friends says that astronauts in orbit are weightless because they are beyond the pull of Earth’s gravity.

Ohm's :Law


The current in a microwave oven is 6.24 A . If the resistance of the oven’s circuitry is 17.6 Ω , what is the potential difference across the oven? Answer in units of V.



Physics Roller Coaster Lab

Lab #4 is Roller Coaster and Conservation of Energy. Run the experiment and fill in the lab data sheet for submission. You are demonstrating to yourself how one form of energy stored in an object in the Earth's gravity field aka gravitational mechanical energy is converted to energy of motion aka Kinetic Energy. You are to show that the total energy (within exp. error) is conserved no matter what form the energy takes.

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