Physics homework help

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College physics 20 Questions

Need help with college physics 1 homework. Need done in an hour. 20 questions. Willing to pay no more then $20. Please do not message if you don't know how to do college physics and get me an A

need help in my circuit class


i need help with the circuit class , if it is not your displince please do not talk to me 

Physics HW

Attached is my homework\ there are 18 questions (all multiple choice)

And all what I need is:

Write the number of the question and the correct answer Example [1=b, 2=c, etc.]

Please I need all the 18 questions to be correct 100%

Due in 12 hours.

Thank you.


online physics homework

18 questions left, need to be done in a hour, freshman year stuff.

online physics homework

18 questions left, need to finish now, easy freshman year physics

Online physics homework

easy freshman year physics online homework, 18 questions left

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