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Lab report

I need to write a lab report about a projectile experment that I did in class which was a catapult. I will attach an example of a lab report that I did for my last lab experment which was about a balloon powered car. Please see attachements that explains the guidlines and all the materials needed and how it should be corrected. Also I have attached the diagram for the lab report and my data tables from each day. I had 4 lab days for this experment. The first day was just building the catapult. I will attach pictures from my notebook about all what we did in this lab.


Sample Test

Fill out multiple choice sample test with correct answers please.


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Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the Fisher (2009) article, “Replacing 'Who is the Client?' With a Different Ethical Question” and the APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct: Including 2010 Amendments paying special attention to standard 3.11.

Physics Question

A quadcopter is travelling around a curved path as shown. It is travelling at 5m/s and is decelerating at a rate of 0.4m/s2. If the radius of curvature ? is 12m at this point, calculate the x and y components of the acceleration of the quadcopter. Page 6 of 18 Page 7 of 18 During initial flight testing the drone is tethered using a system of pulleys. The system includes a drum that the tether rope can unwind from.


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