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The first step of the EBP process is to develop a question from the nursing practice problem of interest.


physic lab report

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you have to write purpose, Procedure, Analysis and  conclusion 

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scientific paper 2

Scientific Paper


1. Conservation and transformations of energy

2. Different Kinds of energy

3.Different Sources of energy

4. Machines that cannot exist due to some law of nature related to energy

5. Generation of Electric Current

6. Alternative source of energy

7. The role of energy in the modern world



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You are required to write a  6-9-page scientific report by choosing ANY physics related topic. A brief introduction followed by relevant theories or explanations and a conclusion (or current stage) if applicable. 

scientific papers

Conections between Kinematics Electrodynamics and technology.

1. Kinematics concepts ( velocity and acceleration ) motions.

2. Current Magnetion electromagnetic waves.

3. Modern Technology.



1. Motion of electric chaged particles current- Electrical current.

2. Motion of an electric charge magnetism- Magnestism

3. Acceleration of an electric charge and electromagnetic waves-Radio Wave -Modern World



I need 5 pages 

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