Physics homework help

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thath is my text book for Physics. I need some problems done for extra point homework.


5 problems with explanation (shorty) of this page

Help with discusion

Chapter 1 references GPS technology in both the aviation and automotive industry.

How do you see this technology impacting future aviation and other industry applications?

Physics Labs

These are Physics labs that I need assistance on. Any question that states: "click here to enter text" needs solving.

The pictures will not need to be included as I have them. However, on Lab 4 Post Lab question one I will need that question solved. 


Wave mechanics

explanation with each step, not just a list of equations 


Journal, I need for today. Pathophysiology & Pharmacology

Review the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document and the expectations for the patient record analysis. In your journal entry, reflect on the following questions:

Physics 101

Print it, fill it in then scan and send back.


Thank you

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