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help with physics lab

I need help with lab report 


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Two particles, of masses m and 4m, are moving toward each other along the x−axis with the same initial speeds of 1.87 m/s. Mass m is traveling to the left, and mass 4m is traveling to the right. They undergo a headon elastic collision, and each rebounds along the same line as it approached. Find the final speed of the heavier particle. Answer in units of m/s

physic lab report

I need someone help me out with the physic lab report 

you have to write purpose, Procedure, Analysis and  conclusion 

less than 8 hours 


astron 4a

Like siblings, the planets of our solar system have similarities, but also distinct differences. The terrestrial planets and Jovian planets almost seem like half-siblings, their differences are so pronounced. In a 2-3 paragraph essay, list some of the most notable ways the two groups differ, and describe how the nebular theory explains them.

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