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calculation of optical properties of nano particles

i have my outline and project I need from you is that

1-the format in the project is MLA format 12 PAGES AND 30 refernces and list of all figures and tables and introduction and summary and conclusion.

i need someone to do my physics lab report


hi there,  I have a lab report due tomorrow. it required to have 3 pages. it's about Hook's law in physics. i will upload all of the files. 

Physics Formal report

It is a physics formal report, please follow the questions and requestions to do the formal. it should be has clearly steps and process.

phys lab

phys lab contain

introduction , procedure, result, disscuson , conclusion 

will send the lab info thro email

you have to come up with the data , i need it within 12 hours 

Physics homework

Electricity and Magnetism. Please contact me if you are familiar with this course

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