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Physics "DC circuits" Lab report

Hi, I have a Physics "DC circuits" Lab report due in 12 hours. I've attached the lab information down. Please note that I would like a separate lap report different than other students. Thank you

Help for phys 152 lab repoort

data is on external sheet that is 5 trials each trial have 6 delta T's


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Using the work you completed in Task 1. The physics of car accidents, and referring to Task 2 in "Application Paper Guidelines," write your application paper, which should be words.

Include the following:

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Chemical and Engineering News, a publication of the American Chemical Society, has a feature called "What's That Stuff?" These articles give you a look at the chemicals behind everyday products both naturally occurring and man-made. Explore some of these articles by using the link provided in the weekly readings. Then select one and post a brief summary of the article. What did you learn from this exercise?


Explore the What's That Stuff page from Chemical and Engineering News. Use this resource as a reference when answering Topic 7 DQ 2.

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The chemical industry is enormous in the industrialized world. How has society benefitted from advances in the chemical industry? What negative effects has the growth of the chemical industry had on society?


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