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Wendy Lewis only 2 is the official website of the United States Department of Energy (located within the weekly readings). On this website, you can find a variety of helpful resources, including resources on how to conserve energy. Read the information about thermostats then consider the following question:

Wendy Lewis only 1

The United States Navy Diving Manual contains a wealth of information about diving from the history of diving to underwater physics and physiology. Start by browsing the U.S. Navy Diving Manual (located within the weekly readings) and then post a response to the following questions: How do the pressure variations with depth affect our ability to explore the ocean? In particular, what are some of the challenges of scuba diving?


ECET 497 Technology Integration II Physics

(TCO 4) A ball is dropped from a 250 foot building. What is its velocity when it strikes the ground, ignoring any air resistance? (Points : 6)


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