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  1. Select an online article (professional health care source) or professional website which focuses on infectious diseases of global concern.

Dealing With Difference

Doctor Coopers,


6-8 pages 

Due April 5



Dealing with Difference in the Health Care Setting (6-8 Pages double spaced).  DUE Beginning 4-5-2017

NURS 6231: HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS AND QUALITY OUTCOMES - Discussion 5 (Grading Rubic and Media Attached)

Discussion: Applying the Concept of Positive Deviance


Focus on the successful exceptions (i.e., positive deviants), not the failing norm.


—Pascale, Sternin, & Sternin, 2010


Positive deviants—those who are able to innovate and create affirmative results—do so within the same constraints that others face. These outliers reveal how the desired outcomes can be achieved by expanding beyond the boundaries of the status quo, while maintaining a focus on what is professionally, legally, and morally appropriate.

ANP II W4A1 Discussion Question

ANP II W4A1 Discussion Question


Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more  90 words.





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