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Numerical Analaysis

Use the data in the course materials folder to answer the following questions.



When the relationship between two or more independent variables needs to be tested, a common tool to use is a regression analysis. Take for example a study that shows the relationship between gaming and teen violence; or a study that shows a correlation between fast food eating habits and obesity.


Describe 2-3 independent variables that you could test using a regression analysis.

What types of results could the regression analysis yield? How could you use the knowledge gained from the test?

discussion week 3

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Topic: CMS Reimbursement Methodologies

representative sampling

short paper (3 pages or fewer) discussing how you would go about drawing a representative sample of teenagers from the US population. ****perform at a Master's level APA format.

Assistance With Calculating Statistics

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ARIMA-MODEL BY"IBM spss statistics 24"

ARIMA-MODEL BY"IBM spss statistics 24" . I'll attach three files the first one is the data on excel sheet, the second is the questions we will use ARIMA (0,0,0) as first model then, we will use four different models, also we will compare between them. which one will give me a good in Estimate and which one will give the best in forecasting. the last file will be an example that we should flow its answers  . 



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