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Threats to Validity Discussion-Response to another learner

In this discussion, please respond by offering another method than the one the learner mentioned to remove, eliminate, or control the threat to data validity addressed in the original post. Comment on which method you would choose and why. Cite rererences. Attachment is attached. Thank you.

Techniques of Univariate Statistics Discussion- Response to another learner

This is a response to a discussion post given by another learner. Please cite references and follow directions explicitly. Discussion is attached.

math in economic

You operate a delivery service in your local area, but you are thinking of expanding to another market. You're concerned that you might need to set different prices in the new market because the cost of gas might be much different.


This is the file needed for assignment in SPSS


Threats to validity discussion

Directions are attached. Please include references.


Techniques of Univariate statistics discussion

Directions are attached. Please include references and follow directions.


Basic IBM SPSS Analyses using grades.sav file

Using this data, perform a univariate analysis of your choice on the variables provided. Your analysis may be a t test, an ANOVA, a correlation, a linear or multiple regression, or a non parametric method. For example, you may want to use gender as an independent variable, and quiz one scores as a dependent variable and perform an independent samples t test. Or, as another example, we might have ethnicity as our independent variable, and run a one way ANOVA with GPA as the dependent measure.



Operation research using GAMS

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I have an assigment and I stock in one question ( 3c ).


So, I want someone know how to solve 3c using GAMS.

3c :


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