Numerical analysis homework help

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Statistics - Week Four Problem Set

Need 5 statistics problem sets answered. Please see the attached PDF file attached. I have highlighted where every answer should be. All qustions should be answered in the format provided in the question (ie/ decimal points, formula style). Only need a Tutor who has experience in statistics. Thank you 


Numerical Methods

I need one who does know the numerical methods well and please don't contact me if you don't have a good rating or review I need one who done numerical before like and know how to use all the methods like Taylor series or meclurian series....................




Project Management for Rey Writer Only

I have a paper that is due Wednesday morning, and I have been going crazy trying to complete it. I looked at your background and notice that you have a project management background. Listed below is what have to be completed with Microsoft Project Management 2013 and a word document. Please let me know if you can do this ASAP.


Sampling Distributions – Real Estate Part 2

Need to have questions 4,5, & 6 answered on the attached word document. Using the answer to question 1,2,&3 and the attached excell spreadsheet. 


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