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3 Questions_REDO***Quantitative Methods**Advanced Statistics

Someone already let me down on this assignment and I need help fixing their mistakes. I need this done as soon as possible, I am willing to give 12 hours to complete three problems.

*Like I said the problems are completed but are incorrect.

FEEDBACK from professor:

“For problem 4, you did not begin with the 5 initial tree branches of order sizes, as per the instructions. For problem 6, your model is not correct. For problem 7, you did not include a model and did not provide any answers”

Creating a Statistical Research Plan

This involves the creation of a statistical research plan using a research question. Attachments are included with instructions. Please pay close attention to the directions given, and cite any references used.

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2 Biostatistics questions

answer fully. no plagiarism! need within 10 hours!


for Dr Sir Adam only

 paper review and correction according to grading rubric


Non-Parametric Analyses Discussion

This is a discussion of a research question with non-parametric analyses. Instructions are attached. Please pay close attention to what is asked in the discussion and note any references used. Thank you.

Scenario Analysis & Discussion Question

Please see the attach assignments :


Disc 7 - 2-3 paragraphs and 2 response (about a paragraph or more to the info provided).


2 scenario analysis - see attach word doc (1-2 pages for each analysis). APA citation for all assignments. 


I've also attached reading materials provided by prof.


5 Biostatistics questions

No plagiarism. Show work- use excel if needed.

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