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Aleks Pie Completion

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Business Modeling Simulation with Arena

1st Assignment due Sunday 3/19 at 9 pm.  4 Assignments 

Need help with this class anyone that knows about this class


I have the book just dont understand the work


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i need a forum post 300 word 2 100 word replies

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What are the characteristics, uses, advantages, and disadvantages of each of the measures of location and measures of dispersion? Discuss them with examples



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 Measures of location and measures of dispersion are two different ways of describing quantitative variables. Measures of location are often known as averages. Measures of dispersion are often known as a variation or spread. Both measures are helpful with describing statistical information. (Lind, Marchal, & Wathen, 2015)

Stats homework re: sampling distributions and statistical inference

A consulting firm was hired to perform a survey on people living in New York City. The survey was completed monthly for six months by 445 randomly-selected people in different boroughs. There were a number of items on the survey, but six basic biographical items will be studied for this exercise.

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