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Bussiness Calculus Online Quiz

Multiple choice Quiz around 15 questions based on three chapters

2.2- Techniques of Diffferentiation

2.3- Product and Quotient rules, and higher order derivatives

2.4- The chain rule

Calc HW

I need these problems solved, work preferred, but not required, ideally by 5PM mountain time. Approximately 4 hours after posting. I need them absolutely NO LATER than 8PM mountain time, which is approximately 7 hours after posting. Do NOT contact me with a handshake until you have a) viewed the HW on the PDF to ensure you can provide quality work and CORRECT answers, b) understand fully the timeframe I'm working with and are 100% sure you can get it to me (ideally within 4 hours of now, but NO MORE than 7 hours from now).




Biostatistics Homework

Biostatistics Homework


Psychological statistics: Research Design Questions

Psychological statistics: Research Design Questions

statistics assignment

Q. A researcher predicts that watching a film on institutionalization will change students’ attitudes about chronically mentally ill patients. The researcher randomly selects a class of 36 students, shows them the film, and gives them a questionnaire about their attitudes. The mean score on the questionnaire for these 36 students is 70. The score for a similar class of students who did not see the film is 75. The standard deviation is 12.


62. Suppose that the distance of fly balls hit to the outfield (in baseball) is normally distributed with a mean of 250 feet and a standard deviation of 50 feet. We randomly sample 49 fly balls.


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"for Aleina Kim" Math Homework

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