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number of absences

Attending Class The following data represent the number of days absent, x, and the final grade, y, for a sample of college students in a general education course at a large state university.

Probability Distribution

Assignment 4

BUS210 Business Statistics

Comparing Data Sets

Comparing Data Sets Using the systolic blood pressure levels and the elbow breadths of women, as listed in Data Set 1 in Appendix B, analyze each of the two data sets and determine whether each appears to come from a normally distributed population.

Plant Genetics

Plant Genetics In the Exercise, a cross between two peony plants—one with red petals and one with streaky petals—produced offspring plants with red petals 75% of the time. Suppose that 100 seeds from this cross were collected and germinated, and x, the number of plants with red petals, was recorded.

frequent health problems

A survey conducted for the Northwestern National Life Insurance Company revealed that 70% of American workers say job stress caused frequent health problems. One in three said they expected to burn out in the job in the near future. Thirty-four percent said they thought seriously about quitting their job last year because of work-place stress.

performed a risk analysis

A marketing company performed a risk analysis for a manufacturer of synthetic fibers and concluded that new competitors present no risk 13% of the time (due mostly to the diversity of fibers manufactured), moderate risk 72% of the time (some overlapping of products), and very high risk (competitor manufactures the exact same products) 15% of the time.

population proportions

During the 2003 Super Bowl, Miller Lite Beer’s commercial referred to as “The Miller LiteGirls” ranked among the top three most effective advertisements aired during the SuperBowl (USA Today, December 29, 2003). The survey of advertising effectiveness, conductedby USA Today’s Ad Track poll, reported separate samples by respondent age groupto learn about how the Super Bowl advertisement appealed to different age groups.

Frequencies of sales volumes

A salesperson makes four calls per day. A sample of 100 days gives the following frequenciesof sales volumes.Observed FrequencyNumber of Sales (days)0 301 322 253 104 3Total 100f (x) =n!/x!(n-x)!

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