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Coefficient of variation and standard deviation

Coefficient of variation and standard deviation are two measures of dispersion or spread among data values. Provide two different sets of ten data points each as examples. Explain which of the two mentioned measures can more accurately specify which of these two data sets have more spread or variability in their data values. Calculate the standard deviation and coefficient of variation for each data set to clarify your explanation. Requires APA formatting

Stat assignment 3

Hello floks, I have an assignement due in the 15th. Details are attached. 

Math Writing Assignment

The instructions of writing paper is in the attachment, please follow the instricitons to finish it. And the deadline is 11/14/2016, 13:00 PM. 

11/14/2016 Math

Assignment 1: LASA 2: The Apportionment Problem

You are a census officer in a newly democratic nation and you have been charged with using the census data from the table below to determine how 100 congressional seats should be divided among the 10 states of the union.

Probability Values Assistance

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I need help with 2 simple probability values questions.


Please see attached.


I need these (showing formula) by 6:30.


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