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Algebra quiz and 1 page financial reflective paper

I have a final quiz that needs to be completeed and a financial reflective paper. both would need to be completed by monday. 


Paper only 1-1 1/2 pages, 

quiz only 10 problems with some small extra questions

intro to statistics exam 33 questions


I have intro to statistics exam, and it is 33 questions. I need 100 !

I have the questions ready and the exam is multiple choice. So if you are excellent in statistics send me a message so u can see the questions ( If you are not excellent in statistics PLEASE DO NOT SEND BECAUSE I NEED 100 )


Thank you

Calculus 4 Homework (400 Questions)

I have 400 questions than need to be solved on a math homework website called Wiley plus. (Calculus 4)


  • Use the Internet to research the basic lottery system in your state. For example, the state of Ohio has a Pick 5 game where a customer selects 5 single-digit numbers (0-9).

QTN 561: Week 5 Weekly Learning Assessments

Are you able to help with 10 assessemtns for week 5?


Assignment due Sunday, May 1st @ noon PST


Thank you,


Trig Exam



I have a college level trigonometry exam due tonight


I have about 3 hours left, very short notice, need expereinced mathematician to complete.

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