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Calculus 2 - (3 Questions)

Hello i have 3 questions in my math class, and i need them to be solved.

I've uploaded a word file which has the questions.


# the due date is in 3 or 4 hours. 




Advanced Topics in Mathematics

SIT399 Advanced Topics in Mathematics Assignment Two-Option 1  Question 1 Find the values of x for which the following games have a saddle point and solve the game for these cases. 1. The 2-by-2 payoff matrix 2. The 3-by-3 payoff matrix Question 2 Find the expected payoff to each player if Player I uses mixed strategy (0.3, 0.7) and Player II uses mixed strategy (0.2, 0.8), in the two-person zero-sum game with the following payoff matrix. Question 3 This question illustrates the following theorem.

non-negative integers

DMTH237 Assignment 4 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS FACULTY OF SCIENCE , E6A 109 Tutor: Daniel Linssen DMTH237 S114 Discrete Mathematics II Assignment 4 Due 12:00 noon, Wednesday 21 May Please sign the declaration below, and staple this sheet to the front of your solutions. Your assignment must be submitted at the Science Centre, E7A Level 1. Your assignment must be STAPLED, please do not put it in a plastic sleeve. PLAGIARISM Plagiarism involves using the work of another person and presenting it as one’s own.

mathematical working with explanatory statements

ENM2600 Assignment 2, value: 15%, Submit your assignment via EASE as a single file in doc- or pdf-format before the deadline. Please check your assignment carefully before submitting. Hand-written work is acceptable, provided it is presented in the neat and legible form. When you complete your assignment, submit a scanned copy via EASE and keep the original in a safe place until your assignment is marked and returned to you. You may also type-set your answers, if your software offers quality notation.

Time Series in Eviews

Chapter 8 Homework Help


The data set COINT6.XLS contains the three simulated data series – W, Z and Y – used in the text and illustrated in the lecture. 

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