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Algebra quiz

algebra quiz with 10 problems and a few small extra problems. 

 Need it by tonight or tomorrow morning. Also need all work shown but fairly simple math to people with good math skills/experience 

Statistics 2

Questions in word doc, data in excel.


Statistics 2

Questions are in word doc and data in excel.

Quiz 2 Algebra

Quiz already completed; this message is for ProfEng ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhino viruses typically cause common colds. In a test of the effectiveness of echinacea, 65 of rhe 76 subjects treared with echinacea developed rhinovirus infections. In a placebo group, 82 of the 106 subjects developed rhinovirus infections. Using a 0.05

a) Determine the critical value.

b) Determine the test statistic.

c) Decide whether or not we reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis.

d) State whether or not there was sufficient evidence to support the claim.

e) Construct the confidence interval about the difference between the two proportions.

    Write the confidence interval as (LowerValue, HigherValue)

calculus homework $20

I need it completed in 4-5 hours max

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