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Week 1 quiz

Week 1 Quiz only for 

ProfEng Emanwanj-MatPhy\


NO one else message me PLEASE. It Will not do any good. 



This homework is only to 

ProfEng Emanwanj-MatPhy. 


Quizzes in mat104 class. This post is for week 1. We will do the other weeks separate. 



statistics assignment

anyone who can help me in this please. i need it  done in the next 12 hours


MATH - Transformations and Matrices

Please see attached



Discussion questions 50-100 words -Math

What is a function?


Slope of a line.


Example of a slope.

STAT 3001 Practice Exam Questions





STAT 3001 Practice Exam







Please take the time to review the following mathematical problems. If you have are able to solve these problems you will be in GOOD shape for your final exam.. You may check your solutions at the end of this document.


Remember you only have ONE attempt at the final exam MAKE IT COUNT!


help with world problem (Excel)?

Complete the problems using an Excel spreadsheet. Problem responses must contain all givens, equations, and the process in which the problem is solved. Each student is responsible for completing their own response to the problems.


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