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Explain a method for solving a logarithmic equation such as log2 (3x + 1) = 3 algebraically. How can you use technology (like Desmos or Microsoft® Excel) to solve this? 60 words

Prof Mintella

For Prof. Mintella

What should be the re-order point? How many HP laser printers should he have in stock when he re-orders from the manufacturer?

Kyle Bits and Bytes, a retailer of computing products sells a variety of computer-related products. One of Kyle’s most popular products is an HP laser printer. The average weekly demand is 200 units. Lead time (lead time is defined as the amount of time between when the order is placed and when it is delivered) for a new order from the manufacturer to arrive is one week.


Analysis of Biostatistical Article

Analysis of Biostatistical Article

Identify a peer-reviewed article from the South University Online Library that presents statistical analysis of a pertinent topic of public health interest or importance. Article attached. Provide a link to this article and give a brief summary of the article, including hypotheses, methods, and findings. Research the topic and available data sources. On the basis of the biostatistical methods you have learned about in this course, analyze the article and its findings.


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