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Award: 10.00 po

this is bit stats. I need ethics exercise part 2 and essay. I have described below for you.

 I already did the PART 1 of the homework don't worry about it. The help I need is on the PART 2 of the homework and what you have to do is: 

- Divide them into Positive group and Negative group, how? Divide them with the information each one of them have (The 15 elements). For example: Number 1 is negative because making money is not the only moral of business.


Online calc HW

Online calc HW 

2 problems 

Applied statistics exam

I've applied statistcs exam tomorrow at 10am central time. 

I will take pictures of the questions and send them right away using whatsapp. 

exam is set to 50 minutes. I need to get above 90% so i can pass the course my old grades are bad and i need to score big on this exam. I would really appreciate a professional help in this material. Thanks. 

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