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Week 5 and 7 Statistics homework

I need these two assignments completed. Also there needs to be SHOWN WORK NOT JUST ANSWERS.

Math quiz due @ 6pm today

Must how all work to problems. due tonight at 6pm.




Matlab project help! 

Matlab project help!



1. myworkdone(a,b,c) which takes three inputs: [50 pts] a: A real number. b: A real number. c: A real number. Note: You may assume that a < b < c if it helps understand the problem better but that doesn’t matter for the programming. Does: Assume that an object travels from x = a to x = b under the influence of the force given by F(x) = 1 + 3x 2 − 6x 3 − 3x 4 and then from x = b to x = c under the influence of the force given by G(x) = cos (x). Calculate the work done. Returns: This value.



MAT 114

I need help with a question to calculate MPH against current in a stream.

statistics SAS asignment need asap

Attached are assignment details.


Liberial Arts Math Discussion Question

  1. A computer interface for a Kawai digital studio piano has eight microswitches that can be set in either the "on" or "off" position.
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