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Open the Microsoft® Excel® file you created in Week 3 with the best fit line.

Select "Save As" to create a new version of this workbook.

Delete your commentary from Week 3 and add new commentary per below:

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How can you solve this problem using  log

Case Study - Compensation for Sales Professionals

A local company of sales professionals in Abu Dhabi conducted a survey of its employees to study the relationship, if any, between the years of experience and salary for individuals employed in inside and outside sales positions. On the survey, respondents were asked to specify one of three levels of years of experience: low (1-10 years), medium (11-20 years), and high (21 or more years).


linear algebra

linear algebra  problems


Data Analysis in SPSS

Utilizing the database below, develop a researchable set of hypotheses related to the database. Clearly define quantitatively analyzable hypotheses, analyze your data with SPSS, and write up the results in a full quantitative report format.


The final delivery should include


MBA514 (Bethel University), Course Project, Unit 8 - Data Analysis

All Excel output should be copied into a single Word document where you must enter all of your responses to the questions below. Format the document professionally so it flows well.


A researcher randomly assigns 33 subjects to one of three groups. Group 1 receives technical dietary information interactively from an on-line website. Group 2 receives the dame information form a nurse practitioner, while Group 3 receives the information form a video tape made by the same nurse practitioner.

RES/710 - Week 8 Data Analysis and Reporting

Enter the data manually into an SPSS file that you collected through the SurveyMonkey survey you created and administered in this class.

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