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Applied Statistics final

I need someone to complete this test, or provide me with some type of answer key.  I would be willing to give you my log in information if needed.


Given that percent can be expressed in decimal form (example: 25% of a value y can be written as 0.25y) answer the following:

Tom uses the linear model of y = 35,000 + 0.45x to anticipate his salary from completing x amount of dollars' worth of jobs.

Labor hw and statistics.

Some labor union hw and statistics questions


What are the differences between the standard normal distribution (or z-distribution) and the t-distribution? How do you determine whether to use z-distribution values or t-distribution values?

MAT 300 Week 5 Discussion Original work only

"Real-Life Applications of Binomial Distribution"

Help with Week 4 homework assignment

Need help completing homework assignment that is due this evening

bus math qrb 501 wk4 qu-10

Business Math, Ch. 21

The Small Business Administration - Free information!


Class, for those of you like Tifenee who have a business or who are thinking of starting one, I highly recommend that you poke around on the Small Business Administration's (SBA) website.  This website is maintained by the U.S. Government and has a wealth of wonderful information for small business owners.


bus math qrb 501 wk4 qu-9

Business Math, Ch. 21

Flattening cash flow on a micro level

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