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 water is 80°C in copper pipe 10 cm long and 2.6 cm in diameter is surrounded by air at temperature of 10°C.How much heat is lost by convection in one hour[Take convection constant =9•24¬m¬²k



Math181 misterm

very easy contends, need help=D


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 1. What is the appropriate critical value for each of the following confidence levels and sample sizes?  *(Remember that in regard to confidence level this implies two-tails)

(a) Critical z-value for an 90% confidence level for sample of size n= 65:

(b) Critical t-value for a 98% confidence level for sample of size n = 22:

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1)   An obstacle course was set up on a campus, and 8 randomly selected volunteers were given a chance to complete it while they were being timed. They then sampled a new energy drink and were given the opportunity to run the course again. The “before” and “after” times in seconds are shown.

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1)      California and New York lead the list of average teachers’ salaries. The California yearly average is $64,421 while teachers in New York make average annual salaries of $62,332. Random samples of 45 teachers from each state yielded the following.

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Differential & algebra equations / Math

I have got 12 problems which most of them are realted to each other.


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