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Milestone Assignemnt

In task 2-2, you will submit a final paper topic. You will introduce your chosen contemporary conflict and the country or region of that conflict. Specifically, assess ways your chosen country (or region) has impacted or modified the physical and/or cultural environment to its benefit or detriment. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages the chosen country (or region) has attained due to its location.

Markov Chain in the Monte Carlo (MCMC)

Markov Chains can be used as mathematical models of real-world situations found in biology, business, chemistry, communications, engineering, physics, weather forecasting, and other applications. Markov Chains are used when you are repeating an experiment or measurement many times in the same way, and the outcome of each trial depends only on the immediately preceding trial.


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Review the Clements, 2003 article and write a reflection paper for a

specific topic that you learned from the article. The reflection paper should be no less than 800 words. 


The attached article needs to be cited within the paper to support your reflections and cited according to APA guidelines. Be careful of regurgitating facts word-for-word from written sources. May use outside sources but the included attachment must be used.

Assignment 1: LASA 2: Conducting and Analyzing Statistical Tests


Assignment 1: LASA 2: Conducting and Analyzing Statistical Tests

Statistics Homework

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Mystat lab


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Statistics Online Homework (Just one)

My stat lab homework


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Hypothesis testing related

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