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I have an assignment one paper about ( periscope app ) and site the sources I want you to focus on the marketing.

Principles of Marketing Homework

  1. 1- What is the target market for this marketing plan? Is this the correct target market? Why or why not?

    2- What is the strategy Hillside Veterinary Clinic intends to use?  Is it viable (good)? Why or why not?

    3-What are your initial reactions to this strategy? Do you think it will be successful? Why or why not?




market project

Competitive Market Analysis (Structure and Rubric)

Please read attachment carefully!


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I have a homework in marketing class about objective summary and there are some question about it. I attached all the file that you need.


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Marketing objective summary

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I have a homework in Marketing class and it about answering question. I attached all the paper that may help you and the question as well. Also, if the picture are not clear enough you can use the book I attached picure of it too. 


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1.In my view, Coca-Cola is a socially responsible company. Coca-Cola is developing business with a positive relationship to the society.

it due in 3 hrs 5 pages

Throughout class, you have been working with a product of your creation that dealt domestically. This week, you will switch gears and address a real company that does global business.

Note: Please refrain from using assignments from other classes that you have taken.

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