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Wk 5 - 3 Questions - Due tomorrow April 29th at 3pm EST - 200 word count - PLEASE read before accepting

Questions - Due tomorrow April 29th at 3pm EST - 200 word count - ZERO Plagarism 


PLEASE read before accepting assignment.


Leadership Traits

Marketing 2

Moore Electronics sells automated lighting for airport runways. The government of an eastern European country has offered Moore a contract to provide equipment for the 15 major airports in the country. The official in charge of awarding the contract, however, is demanding a 5 percent kickback. He told Moore to build this into the contract price so that there would be no cost to Moore. Without the kickback, Moore loses the contract.

Business Ethics

1. Word limit of 1700 words, please indicate word count on the document 2. Please work ONLY with the case facts presented in the case. Assume that the facts provided in the case are the most relevant ones. 3. Clearly indicate which moral standard, framework, or case you are utilizing. 3. Don’t invent facts to make the issues raised in the case easier.


Top 10 Best Insects Repellants

Use the Fomat below


Introduction: 100 words

Body: No. 10, No. 9 ................ No. 1 (800 Words)

Conclusion  (100 Words


Total: 1,000+ words



please find all ghe requurements attached in the file apploaded


Marketing assignment

Imagine that the company you work for has given you the task to choose a country for the next start-up location. Note: You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment. The business can be any business of your choosing, although it is recommended that you choose a field in which you are currently working or have previously worked so that you are starting with more knowledge. However, you must remove any and all identifying information that would enable someone to discern the organization(s) that you have used.

Bonieta123 Only

Review the video case study "Geek Squad: A New Business for a New Environment" on pp. 88-89 in your textbook.  Keep this case study in mind as you complete this assignment. 

Write a 750 - 1,050 word report using your company or one with which you are familiar (if you prefer, your facilitator can assign one to you). Answer the following questions for your chosen organization.

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