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Writing Assignment to answer 4 questions attachment and reading material for review, this is part 1 of a 4 part assignment

Marketing - SWOT Analysis

I need assistance in on a SWOT Analysis for a pet food company that I've named Tasty Treats which is organic.

The details are below


Complete the assignment as follows: 



Discussion Forum - Emerging Markets


For Catherine Owens

The Internship should be done on Netflix. This builds on the plan from Week 2. 

Mrkt 412

that's a screenshot that of the assignment but will send it to the assigned tutor's email to open view well and open the links directly. 



power point

12 slides +speaker notes each slide

M4A2 Marketing Plan: Consumer and Business Markets

Your goal for this part of your marketing plan is to determine if your product or service is focused on being in a consumer or a business market, and then which type within that category you will choose to be to drive sales. Keep in mind that many businesses and consumers cross market category types and lines, but for the purpose of this course and your final project, focus on one category (consumer or business) and one type within that category.

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