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The online content is up.  Please answer the following five questions—they are due at the beginning of class on Monday.

The Third Man and The Fallen Idol

Reaction essay on The Third Man-Graham Greene 

600 words 

Unit 6 Argumentative Essay

For this assignment you will create a pre-write for the Unit 7 Argument Research Essay that includes a full introduction and thesis, followed by an outline of their supporting paragraphs.  Review the attached document for complete assignment detail.

American Literature

One could call Walt Whitman a “democratic” poet, for his poetry is unique for his time, as he writes in free verse, addresses the individual and the community, and describes the various social classes. One could also describe his poetry as “cinematic” in his approach. Describe how his work acts as a buffer for the eras of literature up to his time and his impact beyond his era. In layman’s terms, why was Whitman’s poetry a “game-changer?”

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