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Edit my paper, and complete the extension of my assignment!

I have a completed 5 page paper that needs to be corrected (my professor marked it all up, you need to make the corrections; I will privately message you the paper with my professors comments).


In addition to that I need to add another 4-5 pages to the paper that I already have. 


In the next 4-5 pages you will need to write about the following primary sources:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (only the 1st book!)

The episode "Deadly Missles" from the Bionic Woman series.


For Stone Martin PHD

Literature Review Again - APA Style, no title page, just content and references

Everything needs to be cited, no opinions. Please use current references - no longer than 10 years old.



How to measure employee morale - 4 Pages

Ways to improve employee morale - 4 Pages

Review on the relationship between employee engagement and morale - 4 pages


Just email me if you have any questions.

Philosophy Assigment

Short Paper on Mill

Mill famously argued that the ethical action is what leads to the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people. Please write an essay about Mill's utilitarian ethical theory that answers the following questions:

Philosophy Discussion

Mill's Principle of Utility

Please work with your classmates to construct a high-quality, extended academic discussion of the following questions. As always in our class, please work together to clarify concepts, explore questions, and analyze specific passages from our excerpt of Mill's Utilitarianism.

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