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For this assignment, you must create a set of module notes. In these notes, you will demonstrate that you watched all the videos and read all the module readings.


(1) Give a detailed summary of each of the videos (250 words per video). These summaries should make it clear you watched and understood them in full





Edit my Essay to be the same as the comments

My Profesor comment: The main issue here is that I see a lack of interface with course materials from Blackboard and the text. Go back and rewrite this for more credit incoroporating some of the key course concepts into your discussion. Also, develop your thoughts according to the dialectic essay format, as described in Course Information postings.

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Focus (thought process when responding to questions are "parenting an Autism Child" 


You will complete the assigned activites at the end of the assigned chapters in the Galvan and Harris text. The purpose of these activites is to apply the knowledge learned from reading the chapters and prepare you to become a consumer of the research, as well as learn fundamentals elemets to  be successful in the doctoral program.



Chapter 1

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5 or 6  


Essay 1300-1500 words Religious topic. Turnitin and Grammarly warning!

Religious class essay. American College Level of writing is absolutely required. Do not request handshake if you can't handle it that way, please. I have my own Turnitin to check your work for plagiarism. 

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