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Choose either public or private security and write a 2-3 page paper on the elements of negligent liability and the legal issues associated with the performance of security work.


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Capital Punishment

Compose a letter to your state governor regarding the death penalty. In this letter, explain your position regarding capital punishment. In your explanation, be sure to draw upon ethical theories, concepts, and reasoning to support your position. State whether or not the death penalty should be abolished and why. The letter should be 1 page in length, double spaced, and free of grammatical errors.


State: Maryland


Position: For Capital Punishment

legal writing 2

As much as possible, in this course you'll be completing work that you might actually do as a paralegal.  For this assignment, you'll be given a real-world scenario and you'll have to a complete memorandum of law.  Again, this is the sort of task you might actually do at a law firm.

contract law 2

In the legal writing process, research is important. However, you should always have your end goal in mind. In many situations, the research will be used as the basis for a memorandum or brief. Therefore, you need to be able to use the information you have gathered, and incorporate it into a legal memorandum or brief.

Take and complete with a B or better an online Criminal Justice Ethics class.

Monetary bonus at end of semester if an A is obtained.

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contract law 2

With this activity, you will have an opportunity to apply your knowledge of research and secondary sources to a hypothetical real-life situation.

Review the scenario below (This can also be found on pages 410-411 in your textbook)

Response to Discussion Question

The federal government plays a significant role in emergency management, which generally refers to “activities associated with avoiding and responding to natural and human-caused hazards” 

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