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What combination of abilities, behaviors, strategies, styles, and other factors enabled these leaders to effectively improve processes and outcomes?

This week, for your assignment, you submit the second part of the Final Project which is a 2 -page paper describing the leader you propose to interview and why you chose this leader for your Final Project. Also submit a list of interview questions you have created to ask him or her.

For this Discussion, you examine several cases in which the Supreme Court ruled on issues related to appropriate use of force by law enforcement.

Post  two challenges the police faced in the Supreme Court cases related to using force against suspected offenders. Then, explain whether you agree or disagree with the decisions made by the Supreme Court and explain why.

Post a summary of the article or source you chose about your innovation tool. Then explain challenges related to use of the tool. Explain the benefits and costs related to use of the tool you identified.

For this Discussion, select one of the toolssuch as: strategic planning, re-engineering, quality management, benchmarking, team management, and leveraging the private sector.

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