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perform an internet search on the “Broken Window Theory” which was first proposed by James Q. Wilson and George Kelling in a 1982 article published in the Atlantic Monthly Magazine. 

Lastly, please send me your paper discussing Wilson and Kelling’s assumptions regarding Community Policing. Please do not repeat the question/topic or tell me what the textbook says. I am only interested in your thoughts and reasoning. 


Due by Midnight. 10 Pages

I have a 10 page paper that will be due by midnight.  It appears that the person I originally assigned the work to has disappeared.  Please do not request if you cannot meet the deadline. 


APA Format

10 Pages

5 Resources

No Plagiarism 


Topic: Racial Discrimination Issues in the Criminal Justice System 

Needs a devloped thesis and conclusion.  Grad Level Paper. 

Sentencing and Corrections

You are working for Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) within the long-term planning department of private prisons. As a Private Prison Design Specialist, you have the authority to conceptualize future prisons around the prison issues of today and tomorrow, so your supervisor has turned to you to discuss some issues in a paper of 3 pages to be submitted for review. You have a reputation for thinking outside of the box while being realistic and because of this, your supervisor feels you can properly address alternatives to incarceration.

State and Federal Court System

The U.S. Supreme Court has granted lower courts the power to hear cases. This power is known as jurisdiction. You remain an investigator for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and you have a suspect that is in the neighboring state. The U.S. Attorney wants to arrest this person but believes in training his investigators, so he has asked you to research the topic of jurisdiction. Then, he wants you to write a paper of 2 pages that covers the following:

Can anyone help?

Since your last meeting with Mr. Potts, you have learned that because he is home so infrequently, he does not spend much quality time sober with his children. He recently missed their dance recital and their dance competitions. The girls excel at dance and have won numerous awards, none of which Mr. Potts has been around for. Mr. Potts has never missed work because of drinking, although you have learned that he sleeps only 4–5 hours per night and is typically hung over the next day after being out drinking the night before.

Can anyone help?

You are a volunteer at a counseling center, and your mentor has asked you to assist in leading a session of a psycho-educational group on a disorder of your choice. 

Address the following:


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