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senior DB 2

Deliverable Length:  2 paragraphs



Write A TWO PARAGRAPH COMMENT after conducting research on only ONE OF THE THREE TOPICS listed below:


Post 9

There are two parts, both parts combined must be at least 1500 words. Utilize APA format and utilize at least (4) scholarly references.  A separate Word document must be submitted for each part of the essay.  You will submit a Word document in response to Part I and a separate Word document in response to Part II.


The term Project requires students to select a real homicide case in which bloodstain analysis was utilized as a forensic tool to assist in determining “what” happened. First, the student will summarize the case. Second, the student will explain in detail the role of bloodstain analysis in the case. What did the bloodstain analysis reveal?


Consider the following scenario: You are the Chief Executive of a major law enforcement agency. You have to decide what technology should be implemented in your department within the next five years.

The President of Big Corp. is a cheapskate and doesn’t want to spend any money to protect his copyright. Advise the President on how he could protect his copyright without the expenditure of cash? Explain to him why his choice may not be the best course

Lee has just gotten a great new job with Big Corp. a Rhode Island Company in its Young Manager’s Trainee Program.  After his new employee orientation, Lee gets called into the Vice-President’s office to help out with a little project. 


Discuss and asnwer relevant facts


CJS 241 Critical Issues in Policing Paper

Resource: Reference and Citation Examples

Complete the following CJi Interactive activities

CJS 241 Future of Policing Proposal Powerpoint

Research the future of policing and find two future trends in policing of interest to you. Examples include the following:

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