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Hello, I'm looking for someone to do 3 law quizzes for me online. I will have to copy and paste the quizzes bc I have to have a digital certificate for the use of each class that I had to pay for. The quizzes are timed and are anywhere from 6-8 questions. 


Also, I DO NOT have the books online for the classes! I only have the titles of the books and author's. I had to buy the books. 

1 Question

1 question (250-300 words with at least one reference).



Adverse possession


Youth Victimization

Summarize the “Youth Victimization: Prevalence and Implications” report. In your assignment, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this study. Do you agree with the findings of this report?

Strict Liability and product Liability

A Power Point ( 10 Slides in addition of Title page and Bibliography ) and a 3 page report of a recent case relevant to the information contained in the cahpter.





Business Law Text and Cases ( Thirteenth Edtion), Chap 7 : STRICT LIABILITY AND PRODUCT LIABILITY


Community Policing Partnerships Case Study

Read the case study linked below. After reading the case study from an earlier assignment, you will have to prepare a response from two viewpoints. The first viewpoint will be that of a patrol officer assigned to foot patrol. The second viewpoint will be that of a community member who has lived in the community for 25 years.


Proactive Community Policing

The findings from criminal justice research help us to understand how theories and concepts can be applied to real-world

phenomena. One way to make such applications is to review research which explores one or more key concepts

discussed in this unit.

For this article review, you will need to locate a scholarly, peer-reviewed article in the CSU Online Library that examines

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