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Assignment 2: Library Research—Training Police Recruits

Assignment 2: Library Research—Training Police Recruits



Week Four Journal: Fleeing Felon

As we have all seen, the Supreme Court's ruling in Tennessee v. Garner transformed many aspects of daily operational procedures for law enforcement.

CRJ501 WK 4 assignment

Impact of Tennessee v. Garner (1985)

In this assignment, you will focus on the Supreme Court ruling and aftermath of Tennessee v. Garner (1985). Scholars have argued that this one case has had more influence over the criminal justice system than any other. Use your Peak (2015) text and the Tennenbaum (1994) article for information pertaining to the ramifications of the Court's decision.

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Week 4 - Discussion

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Your initial discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates.


Websites such as YouTube creates a unique environment where people can share videos. The problem is that it allows people to place material on the Internet against Copyright laws. Normally YouTube takes down Copyrighted material very quickly. Government officials also spend a large amount of time on searching out violators of Copyright laws because of the availability of P2P websites and programs.


Is it Fair?

In a 1-3 page paper, compare and contract civil proceedings from criminal proceedings.

Using at least 2 external resources, do you think class bias exists in either of these proceedings?

Is one more  prevalent than the other?

Why or why not?  

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