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Write a paper of 700- to 1,050-words in which you discuss the roles of law and courts in today's business environment. 

Comparative Justice

According to Rene David (David & Brierley, 1968) there are four Legal Traditions.

These four Legal Traditions are;

Comparative Justice Systems2

1) After reading the assignment for this week, select two countries and in no less than 500 words total give an overview of each country's police or law enforcement agencies. Include the background, current police structure and any relevant information necessary to present a good understanding of each.


2)  In no less than 150 words compare similarities between the two selected country's law enforcement structures.


3)  In no less than 150 words contrast the differences in the two selected country's law enforcement structures.

Supreme court term paper

The assignment is posted dictating the essay question to be answered within 5 pages (do not sugarcoat with extensive spaces and citaion page does not count within the reuired 5 pages)  and must use the 3 included readings as sources of information. ONLY THESE 3 MUST be used to properly answer the essay question, NO OUTSIDE source. Properly cite and APA forma. DO NOT PLAGERISM NOR COPY & PASTE...I've had issues with writers who's done this. Do not waste either of our time. 



Create a 16–18 slide (excluding title and reference slides) PowerPoint presentation that discusses the decision making process in a criminal justice organization. Base the presentation on a Criminal Justice organization you are familiar with from personal experience or select an organization through research.



there are 15 questions and afew questions writing and multi 


DHS 7 and 8

-What issues could arise when a panicked public believes it has been exposed, or has been exposed, to an element that may require decontamination?

Your r

DHS 5 and 6

-After an explosive device has been detonated, how can the agent used be identified?

Your response should be at least 200 words in length.


LEG 320

Must submit assignment through

Need original work please!


Assignment 2: Criminal Defenses and Criminal Punishments

LAW/421 Final Examination

Final exam 30 questions. 3 hours to complete. Will share screen to complete.

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