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Counterintelligence 1

You are an intelligence analyst for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) assigned to the Counterintelligence (CI) Division. The FBI’s CI Division has been involved in the field of CI for decades. During this period, the CI division has conducted thousands of CI investigations, many of which have had a major impact on the history and national security of the United States. It is important as an intelligence analyst wit

Counterintelligence DB1

Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO)

Emergency Management Technolo 1

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Emergency Management Technolo DB1

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Police System & Practices



Career Opportunities

What career opportunities are available for individuals who obtain a degree in criminal justice?

  • What are the salary ranges of these careers?
  • Are more opportunities available for those individuals who continue in their degrees with a Master’s degree in criminal justice?

Write a 500 – 600 word paper on Criminal Justice Careers for those who have bachelor and master’s degrees in criminal justice.

Assignment 2 INTRO TO CRIM JUS

preparation for this assignment, please view the Jurisville scenarios and resulting simulations from Weeks 5 through 7 in Unit 2: Courts.

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