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These are 3 different assignments



1) Locate three contemporary examples in each of the four following categories, for a total of 12 examples:

Company Fraud: An Evaluative Report 9 pages work

The Portfolio Project for ACT450 is a research report that identifies and analyzes a company that has been indicted for fraud. The report also will evaluate the auditor’s role in relation to the fraud.

BA 270 (3)

    1. The assignment is to complete a legal analysis for Charlotte McMann and any of her acquaintances and associates. You are required to find four (4) causes of action to discuss in your submission. Each cause of action needs to be analyzed in the manner described above.
    2. You are limited to TEN (10) double-spaced pages or FIVE (5) single-spaced pages.
    3. You may choose to do this project individually or within your assigned groups.

answer the 5 questions and the answer should be half a page for each question

chapter 5 the duo after 27 hours and the other qestion it is okay  the duo is after 4 days 


law in higher education

I have two question from my quiz that related to law in higher education so please who has knowledge in this area send a private message to send the questions I have

Environmental Law Issue

Hello, I have an Environmental Issue and I'd like someone to help me to thoughtful analysis and exploration of the arguments!

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Phase 4


***HAS TWO PARTS*** 400-600 words

The discussion assignment for this week includes a review of the Key Assignment Outline completed by one of your classmates, as well as a substantial response to at least one other student.

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