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criminal procedure

Assignment 1: Procedural Law and the Bill of Rights

Due Week 4 and worth 200 points

to phyllis

Application: Technology and Cyber-Stalking


Home work i need it today



Please talk about these cases 

whole woman's health v hellerstedt decision


district of columbia v. heller


mcdonald v. city of chicago


-  Every thing in these cases and do you agree with the concurring or dissenting

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Form requirements:

Police Response


To increase your knowledge of the field, research and write a paper about the Columbine shootings.


Week 6_DQ1

As scholars, practitioners and leaders in the areas of psychology and criminal justice, it is important to not only understand the past as it applies to the present, but to also extrapolate historical and current information to hypothesize the future impacts and areas necessitating additional research. 

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