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ResponseWK1-2- CB2

I need at least 150 words to respond to this message below with reference to support what was used to respond to this discussion


Response WK1-2

I need to respond to this question with 150 words with reference to support any information used in this response


Historically juvenile justice systems are much different than what we see today.  What all has changed over time?  Are these changes good or bad?  Why or why not?


I need to reply some thoughts with atleast 150 word.  The response must be to th.e post below. The response should have a reference to anything used in reply to prove where you got any information used in response. 



I need at least 150 words answerng this question and refernce to back up any information used for response


The words system and process get brought up quite a bit in this chapter.  What is the difference between the two?  Which one applies best to juvenile justice?

criminalistic HW

1. You receive a potential drug sample for analysis. The appearance of the powder suggests that it is adulterated and may contain more than substance. Would spectrometry be a good analytical tool in this case? Why or why not? If not, what other technique could be used?

2. If you wanted to analyze a particular sample for the presence of trace amounts of inorganic substance, would X-ray diffraction be a suitable analytical tool? Why or why not?

Memorandum about UN Charter and UDHR.

 Write a short memo on the following two questions.

(1) what is the most important difference between the non-discrimination clause in Article

One of the UN Charter and the non-discrimination clause in Article Two of the Universal

Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)?

(2) what are the dual aspects of duty in Article 29 of the UDHR?


real estate law w4_a3

Assignment 3: Graded Weekly Assignment: Real Estate Contract

Albert Wilson is the owner in fee of a parcel of improved real estate located at 1 Main Street, Middletown, USA. It is a single-family residence, located in an R-1 (residential 1 family house) zone, and served by city water and sewer. The house was built in 1944.

real estate law w4_midweek

Assignment 2: Midweek Production Assignment: Property Information

Paralegals often perform searches for information on real properties. This exercise has the student locate real property information as recorded in deeds located online.

real estate law w4_dq1 and dq2

Discussion Question 1: Performing a Title Search

This discussion question is about performing tasks specific to a real estate law firm and their ethical implications.

Module 1

How is personality defined?  What do we mean by "personality traits?"  

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