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Types of Victim

Power Point presentation  5-10 slides with notes APA FORMATT


Tort Law homework

Assignment: Invitee or Licensee?




Based upon the discussion in Knorpp vs. Hale at pp. 480-483 in the text, and at 981 S.W.2d 469 (Tex. App. 1998.)


Amanda toured a private home as a participant in a garden club tour of homes, and paid $25 to the garden club but nothing to the homeowner. Amanda tripped and fell down the steps to the deck, leading to the garden, though there was no obvious defect in the steps.


Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:


Legal Research Homework

Assignment : Basics of Legal Research, Part 1




d.b unit3


Explain the selection process for service on the U.S. Supreme Court, and offer four specific recommendations to make the process less political.

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Dr. Willian


It is crucial for students to be able to not only discuss various theories and the strengths and weaknesses of each, but also to compare and contrast them in terms of explaining variations in crime rates.

In a 2-3 page paper, complete the following:

Please make the correction! Business Law Make sure you understand the case

Brian PIETRYLO and Doreen Marino, Plaintiffs, v. HILLSTONE RESTAURANT GROUP d/b/a Houston's, Defendant. United States District Court, D. New Jersey Civil Case No. 06-5754, September 25, 2009. I have also attached the case from the book. But please go and find the case brief and the case online. *You only have to do the Introduction, venue, issues, rule of law and I am representing the defendant. 



Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word research project in which you outline the various processes of jails, prisons, probation, parole, juvenile and community corrections. In your research paper, be sure to address the following as it pertains to correctional systems:

crime Causation and Diversion

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper comparing two juvenile diversion, intervention, or prevention programs operating in your city or state.

Address the following in your paper:

Criminology Help 3

Violent Crimes

In a well-constructed, one page essay (500+ words), discuss four or more causes of violence in relation to violent crimes CJ102

APA Format Due NLT 11/24/2015 1159 PM EST.

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