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The Effects of Cybercrime (thread and 2 replies) This assignment will require the thread to be submitted to recieve that in which to reply to and Replies will be due in 24 hrs from the time received

Topic: The Effects of Cybercrime

For this discussion board, your topic will center around cybercrime. Some say that the viewing of pornography on the Internet is actually reducing sexual assault in the United States. Others say that it simply increases sexual assault. Which hypothesis is true? Research these competing theories and take a position in your thread. Be certain to defend it using peer-reviewed journal articles or other scholarly works (Hint: consult the works of David Finkelhor).

Business Forms Worksheet

Complete the Business Forms Worksheet.


leg- FAR and Contract Provisions for Protection

Assignment 3: The FAR and Contract Provisions for Protection


Imagine that you are a contracts officer for the Department of Energy (DOE). You have been asked to review bids from contractors who have developed a new widget for saving the American public twenty-five percent (25%) on their energy bills. Once an award is made, the contractors will receive the contract, which includes provisions to minimize risks and define rights and obligations, from the Department of Energy. 

leg 440 fraud


Fraud    1-2 paragraph(s)

  • Research an example of contractor fraud from a news story from a reliable news outlet. Briefly review the facts and the outcome of the case. Based on the reading and legal issues, was justice served in your example? Why or why not? What other issues may have been present that were not pursued by the government?

Garth owns two all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), worth $1,000 and $500, re­spec­tively. Helen agrees to buy “Garth’s

1. Garth owns two all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), worth $1,000 and $500, re­spec­tively. Helen agrees to buy “Garth’s ATV” for $750. Garth believes, in good faith, that he is selling the $500 ATV. Helen believes, in good faith, that she is buying the $1,000 ATV. In this situation

Global Perspectives Assessment

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper in which you assess criminal justice from a global perspective. In your paper be sure to analyze the following:

PowerPoint presentation: 5-10 slides with notes unit 3 ip Types of Victims

The prosecutor is getting feedback from local law enforcement officers explaining that they are discouraged from making arrests in cases of domestic violence and child abuse. They claim that they have been neither making arrests in domestic violence situations nor arresting both parties when they go out on a call. It seems that abused women often go back to the abusers, and children who get removed from the homes where they have been abused often return after removal.

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