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Resources: Individual Case Studies, Behavior Plan Template, and the “Effective Treatment for Addicted Criminal Justice Clients” on the National Criminal Justice Reference Service website.



W3 2-CH5

Write 150 words about the discussion below. What do you know about this topic? Who stands out?  What was interesting to dicuss? What knowledge can you add to this discussion? Need apa format. Need to cite and reference to ssupport answer. 



Write 150 response to question below. Apa Format. Need to cite and reference to support answer


What are the possible ramifications of only using a behavioral approach when working with incarcerated individuals? How can you help a client transfer knowledge to another setting?

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 write answers as an essay but seprately


the uploded example is for this Questione only, i wil give you the rest when you are done.


CJ-202- 6-2 Worksheets: Language and Grammar

Punctuation Worksheet


Place the appropriate punctuation in the following sentences.

1. Sgt. Caine the shift supervisor was taken to the hospital by ambulance after being injured in the accident

2. Matthew Mark Luke and John are all named in the Bible

BLAW W7 - Assignment

Week Seven Assignment




Here is the fact pattern I want you to base your answer on:


You want the latest in mini laptop computers.

You find what you need by searching on the Internet.

The seller is in Taiwan.

You negotiate a deal with the seller over the Internet and buy the computer.

The seller agrees to ship you the computer by boat.

Answer this Question: (minimum 200 words; any format)



DB #1 - Risk


Please post in this forum as follows:  (Also respond to at least 2 student responses)


Please visit all the links below.


1. In the disasters you saw in the photographs, what should the buyer have insisted upon in his/her contract with regard to risk of loss? Explain. Be sure to cite your work. 

2. What should the seller have tried to put in the contract? Explain.

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