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Phase1 – Agency Description The student will be assigned one of the following criminal justice components to represent and for which to serve as advocate:

Discuss the use of appendices in the thesis.

Please answer question in a minimum of 4 paragraphs with at least 3 cited source according to APA standards. Work is due today on 03/23/17 at 23:33 hours (11:33 pm eastern time zone).

qualitative methods.

Qualitative research is fundamentally distinct from its quantitative counterpart. While quantitative research methods rely upon the conversion of observable phenomena into numeric data, qualitative analyses do not necessitate such a transformation of data points. Qualitative analysis offers a discriminating researcher a very nuanced approach to examining many specific social phenomena and is enjoying a resurgence among researchers.

final papel

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Im going to attach week 2 assignment outline that you have done because it goes along with the final paper

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My paper should be a minimum of 21 pages.

I need a good summary paper beside the work.

Please use Microsoft Word.  

case 21.1 ibp v Alvarez

write a 75 word summery about the issues in case 2.1 IBP v Alvarez case as defined by IRAC Method. This will be placed in a powerpoint persentation so, I will need speaker notes (30 words or less) and any references.

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