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Week 6

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Electoral Polling (Part 1)

LEG 215 Overview of Legal Research Assignment

1. Outline a detailed 3-step system for interviewing client

2) Draft five (5) questions that, as a paralegal, you would ask prior to beginning an interview with a client. Identify the primary purpose of each question.

3) Develop ten (10) interrogatories, and describe the primary information that you are attempting to elicit from the opposing counsel’s client.


review Hidden Evidence: Fifty True Crimes and How Forensic Science Helped Solve Them, The Wayne Williams Case.


blaw ethic

400-500 words


Fur NJOSH Only

Write a 100-150 word intro paper on reinforcement strategies applied in team members’ organizations.

Identify the reinforcement strategies used by management to motivate employees.

ssignment 2: The Future of Juvenile Corrections

Over the past five weeks, we've learned about the origins, history, and trends of juvenile corrections.

Comparison of Juvenile Delinquency Theory

The Centervale town council has recently become enamored with the idea of incorporating a more theory-driven approach in the development and execution of juvenile justice policies. While the council has a general understanding of what delinquency theories encompass, it has a limited understanding of how these theories are classified and how best they might be implemented.






Assignment 2: Weekly Assignment—Criminal Justice Arguments


Several players interact with each other in the courtroom. Of those players, we see two profiles often in popular media: criminal defense lawyers and the prosecution. Both are responsible for taking a case from its preliminary phases to trial and beyond. Both gather evidence, interview witnesses, and develop possible arguments for their cases. Both are responsible for presenting the best outcome, whether they believe in the reasoning or not. In this assignment, you will have the experience of developing an argument for a criminal case.

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