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03/29/2017 Community Policing

Assignment 2: LASA 1: New Police Chief’s Community Policing Initiative

Here's What Happened . . .


Create a 10 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation (excluding the title and reference slides) that addresses the following:

For "Prof. Nicholas" - CJA/484 - Ethics in Criminal Justice Administration Analysis

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you analyze the relationship between ethics and professional behavior in the administration of criminal justice. Explain the role of critical thinking with regard to the relationship of ethics and professional behavior. Include in your paper a proposal for a seminar in ethics training for law enforcement officers. In your proposal, choose five areas of ethical conduct that will be stressed in the seminar.

Discuss questions

 Discussion questions one talking about Hit-and-run case about how most of them happen, then and example of one. Discuss the crime scene procedure for dealing with a sexual assault. Particularly how to preserve the scene and any evidence collected. 250-300 words cited APA format


Weeks 5 - 6 will address conflict, specifically, navigating and managing conflict in virtually co-located teams.  As part of this exploration we will also look at the role conflict has in enhancing team outcomes.  

!!!!!! EXCEPTIONAL PROFF!!!!!!!!

- Assume your organization is developing a KM initiative. What would be the most important objectives that your organization's KM would want to achieve?

Need crimal justice essay done 3 pages

No plagarism. Need to be done within 3hours .. 6:49 pm central time zone



Week 4 Assignment Outline of Final Paper


Week 4 Assignment Outline of Final Paper due 4/7/2017




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