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Week 3 Discussion BUS LAW 100


Review the news headline regarding exploding air bags and why legal personnel are saying this recall is different than most.

Supreme Court ruling

select the Supreme Court ruling (BREED VS JONES 1975) that you believe had the biggest impact on the way law enforcement and courts deal with juvenile offenders.


Tamil Diaspora

75-150 words in length. 

the Tamil Diaspora has created a transitional government and it serves as an incubator for radicalization (White, 2015 p.215).

Week 1 DQ

Understanding American criminal law concepts is a necessity for a criminal justice major. Chapter 3 of the text is devoted to explaining the principles and concepts of substantive and procedural law under due process of the American criminal justice system. In order to examine global criminal activity, students must first examine the system under which they are required to abide by and uphold as criminal justice majors. What is the difference between substantive criminal law and procedural criminal law?

This re: Agley v. Tracy ~ Why should I support the final decision?

Hello Professor,


this request refers to the initial post you answered so well. Agley V. Tracy. 


I'm looking for support as to why I agree with the final decision.




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