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Society and Government Unit 5

 3-6 paragraph APA FORMAT Running head, number page, abstract, introduction, conclusion, reference. originality verifcation check



Conduct research using the library, news reports, Internet, and videos to find information on restorative justice, inmate forgiveness, and the right to privacy.

Last Assignment

Here's What Happened . . .

Understanding the various criminological theories and their interrelated concepts is a daunting task. From classicism to the Chicago school, key terms, theorists, and other important information can get lost in the shuffle.


For this assignment, you will explore the official sources of crime data. Crime data is the foundation for theory building. Crime data makes it important for criminologists to identify patterns. Patterns help researchers and policy makers determine the best paths and solutions. Patterns also indicate if something is a onetime occurrence or a recurrent phenomenon.

Correctional Officers’ Experiences Summary

Create a hypothetical maximum-security prison environment to use as a basis for your answers. The prison may be a state, federal, private, or nonprivate prison.

Criminal Justice Unit 3

Question: Do you think that educational, vocational, and ministry programs work? Should we increase or decrease the amount of money we spend on these programs at the local and state level?


Due Week 5 and worth 200 points

Each state within the United States has its own unique judicial selection process within its own court system. 

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