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Future of policing


Future of Policing

According to your text on page 502, a report of the top 10 most important future trends in policing were provided.

1. technology

2. societal values economy

4 militant islam

5 mass migration

6 privacy rights

7 population

8 continuing urbanization

9 specialization

10 work ethic


Write a 2 page paper.  Address the following in your paper:

don't waste my time if you don't know anything about law

Conflict of Laws specialization ... don't waste my time please


A city enacts an ordinance which prohibits standing or remaining in a crosswalk for an extended period with a sign. What are three potential constitutional challenges to this ordinance? Can you identify a government interest supporting it?

400 words

Blue format citation


discuss/debate the effects of court outcomes for those charged with aggravated assault pertaining to domestic violence. Is there any difference when the assault was perpetrated by a family member, intimate partner, or cohabitant?


400 words

APA citation

Legal Research

Read the attachment. You can find all details.



Research other online articles related to the Columbia disaster in order to answer the Discussion.

Post   an explanation of how NASA’s failure to respond to change, such as internal operating procedures, lead to the Columbia disaster. In your explanation, describe how resistance to change affected the outcome. Then, using the example of your own or another organization with which you are familiar, explain one strategy for overcoming resistance to change and building in resilience, and explain why you chose this strategy.


300 words in APA format

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