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Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy

The Tidewater Police Department is a small rural department that consists of 22 police officers, 4 detectives, a criminal intelligence analyst and 3 secretaries. The mayor just hired you as Chief of the department. About half of the officers have 20+ years of experience and the other half have less than 3 years of experience. You learn that there have been 4 civil cases filed against the department for police officer misconduct within the last year.



For this assignment, you will be going on a scavenger hunt! Your goal is to find the following support services within Grantham’s website:

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Chapter six in our textbook discusses Fusion Centers. Read the text, and using information from the text and at least two of the following listed sources, answer the following questions in the form of an essay.


Scenario 1: Imagine you own a small business and after a year in business you have decided to hire a bookkeeper for 2 hours every Friday to bring your books up to date and to process payroll. You want the work performed at your business using the business's computer and software. The bookkeeper's work is very specific and you are paying $25 per hour. 

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Answer two questions


Short Answer No more than 150- 200 words


Schmalleger (2015) discusses how police, prosecutors, judges, and corrections officials complain that "their efforts to uphold the law garner unfair public criticism". He goes on to state that realities "are often overlooked by critics of the system who have little experience in dealing with offenders and victims".


Security at Warehouses



Part A


Imagine that you have been given the job of protecting a series of private warehouses (private security company). You recommend the owners take a Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) approach. Define CPTED and lay out the particulars of what you will recommend to the owners.


Part B


Private Security


Part A


Describe four (4) types of career options  security professionals can pursue, including a brief description of their duties. 


Part B



Movie Analysis

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Discussion Question 5 & 6 & 7


REQUIRED TEXTBOOK:  Corrections in America: 13th edition; Allen, ISBN 9780132726771


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