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In your final case study, you will analyze five Google technologies that are current under research and development, including the self-driving automobile and four other technologies of your choice.  The last chapter of your textbook discusses the search and advertising technologies of Google.  While Google is best known for their search and advertising technologies, they also have a multi-billion dollar research and development department that works o

Computer Networking Opnet Assignment

This computer networking assignment. It needs to be done on riverbed previously known as opnet. The price is negotiable.



The Homeland Security Act of 2002 is divided into 17 titles while bringing together under one umbrella more than 22 federal agencies. Select one such agency and describe their role and responsibilities in HLS. Which agencies do you believe they would work most closely with at an emergency response incident?

Assignment 1: Fran’s Virtual Fruit Stand, Part 1

Fran’s Virtual Fruit Stand is an online store that sells several types of dried fruit. Based on the needs of Fran’s Virtual Fruit stand, you must design a flowchart using Visual Logic. The flowchart must also be a fully functional program which follows the design requirements below.

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Assignment 1: Ethical Issues in Information Systems

Due Week 6 and worth 150 points

Choose one (1) ethics issue found within Chapter 4 of the textbook.

Ethical Considerations

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation analyzing the ethical considerations for maintaining confidentiality and customer data.

Address the following issues in your analysis:

Just read the praghraphs and correct the grammar mistakes.

Please read the praghraphs and correct the grammar mistakes and spelling.

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