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EA Processes Paper

You should explain how EA enables each phase, how it fits into each phase, and what unique qualities or capabilities a well-defined EA contributes that might not otherwise be available to the org

EA Research Paper

Research and write a paper that describes the chosen framework.

total of 5 paragraphs and three resources - an electronic document/record management system project


In one document - 

One proposal paragraph about a fiction company < make it up from your head 



Using Porter’s Five Forces Model, personal Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and/ personal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), explain how you will overcome threats from each of the five forces while achieving your professional goal(s) after graduation from the MS-IST Program.  The paper’s first paragraph must identify and define, at least one, of your post-graduation professional goals.

Information System

 Book Report: Since tecnhology is the infrastructure of a society, read the HBR book "Aligning Technology with Stratagey".


: Privacy, Laws, and Security Measures

Due Week 3 and worth 70 points 

Case Study 1

 Stuxnet and U.S. Incident Response

Due Week 3 and worth 100 points

Contenuity Planning Overview

Suppose you were recently hired for a new initiative as a business continuity lead / manager at a medium-sized healthcare company. You have been asked to prepare a presentation to the Board of Directors on your main duties for the company and how your position could help protect the business in case of a large-scale incident or disaster.

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