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Qualitative Evaluation of the Industry’s Strategic Position (Week 1 IP)

Qualitative Evaluation of the Industry’s Strategic Position (Week 1 IP)

BSA/310 Service Request SR-kf-013 Presentation

Assignment: Kudler Fine Foods is in the process of developing a new frequent shopper program. Details of this program are described in the Service Request SR-kf-013 and on the Sales & Marketing page of the Kudler Fine Foods intranet website. 

Create a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation (with speaker notes included) describing the potential legal, ethical, and information security concerns related to the development of the Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program.

PKI Selection Options

In the Unit 4 assignment you learned about a complex international organization that had some unsecure account management practices. Following the audit, the board and executives made the decision to consider implementing a PKI system that would require all internal communication to be done using some form of encryption keys. You have been hired to inform the board as to the alternatives available and the benefits and challenges of those solutions.

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please read the instruction of the exam carefully, because it is very imortant to get a good grade. 

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