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I need Research paper of 5 papers content in APA format with 5 references on following questions

I need Research paper of  5 papers content in APA format with 5 references on following questions


Introduce new internet protocol IPv6

What is adoption rate

Is IPv6 worth the effort


Time and cost analysis against NIST projections


IInvestigations and Evidence Handling

The following scenario is a discussion post. Therefore, I only need the 3 questions answered based off the actual scenario beloW using at least 250 words. Provide at least 2-3 sources. 

Discusion question

1. "User Interfaces"  Please respond to the following:

ppt 15-17 slides

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I need help on making ppt on following question

Question:  For your wireless router at your home,run the setup  program and show to the class how your wireless network is configured and your ppt with 2 or 3 snapshots.

Information Security Report

I have attached template, if you are expert in information security and can do this perfectly, pls send handshake


IT Project Management Assignment Help (

Need help with the IT Project management assignment


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Social Media or Social Network

I need the following objectives answered with at least 250 words combined. Please used at least two sources:


o Compare and contrast social media and social networks.



o Correctly identify social media cites or social networks.



o Demonstrate the ability to conduct an online search.

need one page disucssion

Transmission Medium.  Please respond to the following:

  • Suggest a way to improve the way LLC and MAC are used for LAN operation.
  • Evaluate guided and unguided transmission medium to determine which you would use to design a new facility.
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