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Fortune 500

Management development consumes a large portion of all dollars spent on HRD. Suppose you were preparing for an interview with a Fortune 500 company for the position of Management Development Specialist. The organization has sent you the following questions in advance that will be used throughout the interview process:

What do manager really do? Discussion question...

Efforts to accurately and completely describe the job of managing have met with considerable frustration. One of the areas of discussion, for example, is mentoring. Many feel managers should be mentors. Others disagree about the details. Why do you think the job of managing has proved so difficult to pin down? Which of the ideas and models offered so far do you believe to be the most useful in guiding management development? Support your choice.

Clearing the Tables

You are a restaurant manager who is conducting a coaching discussion with one of your servers. Focus of the coaching: the server has repeatedly failed to complete store-closing operations before leaving for the night. Case in point is that the tables are never cleared, and the morning shift is forced to clean up the mess.

Train/Coach Trainers

You have agreed with upper management to provide a "Train and Coach the Trainers" element for your new HRD program. Discuss what issues you will need to be concerned with in order to effectively and efficiently train and coach the trainers. Discuss issues that may arise pertaining to such things as: "peer training", "coaching", and "mentoring." How can you ensure motivation connected with the training topic? How can you ensure "Transfer of Training"?



Discuss how the concepts in Training and Development course can be applied to real-world situations and increase your chances of career or life success. (125 Words)




Identify a skill that was learned in Negotiation/Conflict is the Strategy and Tactics of Integrative Negotiation. Explain this skill and how you can apply it to increase success in your career in a real-world scenario. (125 or More Words)


250 words - due in 2 hour

Integrated delivery systems can combine through vertical or horizontal integration. Describe what vertical and horizontal integration are and give an example. (Points : 20)


250 words - due in 2 hours

Protecting the tax status of the organization is one of the six major objectives of financial management. Describe what the risks are and how management can protect the tax-exempt status.(Points : 20)


150 words, due within 1.5 hours

Is cost plus a percentage for growth a type of contracting that helps to control costs because it has incentives to cut costs? Describe how it works. 


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