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4 to 5 pages

Using APA style format, write a paper of 4-5 pages describing the provisions of the following major labor laws as well as their impact on organizations and the union-management relationship:

I've Got the Power

Consider a former or cuurent job you held and give 3 reasons why you were empowered.

Determine 2 actions leadership took to promote empowerment within the organization.


My 3 reasons are motivated, confident and dedicated.

Be detailed in explaining.

communication quiz

this is the book name 

Communicating for Results 3rd Edition 

the quiz is MC and T&F answers 


For exceptionalgeek only

Thank you . need by 11pm tonight if you can. Discussions only.  the Assignment Monday. 


Need a response to 3 discussion question

I need to respond to 3 discussion questions, any takers.

Discussion HRM: Week 1

1.    Provide a definition of both of the word 

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