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Create a PowerPoint presentation with the following 4 elements: 

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The Case for Change at Modern Appliances

Activity Context

This assessment measures your progress in mastering the following course competencies:

  • Examine evidence-based HRM best practices among organizations that demonstrate an employee-centered culture.
  • Analyze methods of supporting employee-centered culture through organizational design and workforce diversity.

Activity Instruction

Use the "Employee Engagement at Modern Appliances, Inc ." case study to complete the following:

Error Report by Users

Your facility has identified a major problem with the data quality in the MPI. There are huge numbers of errors in terms of missing social security numbers, misspelled names, and typos in the registration system. These data quality problems are causing problems for everyone. As a result of the complaints, Lisa Smith (consultant) has been hired in the records department to assist with the MPI cleanup project. Your HIM Director has asked you (Assistant Director, HIM) to assist Ms. Smith with any data she needs to determine the cause of so many duplicates.

HR Evaluation

***I only need the forecasting memo***



10-200 words

needing help with Capsim if any one is familiar withit please help.

400-800 words

This week’s discussion focuses on the financial health of your company. This will help you prepare for the Comp-XM exam. 

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