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Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders*****A++ Rated Tutorial Already***** Use as a Guide Paper*****

Briefly introduce your next capstone section. While this may seem redundant at each section, it is important to remind the reader of your research at the beginning of each section. The reason for this?

2 Part HRM Assignment

1) My price is not flexible.


2) I do not respond to poor grammar/handshakes.


3) This is a 2 part project, where there will be a pause in between getting feedback from the professor. As such I will not accept somebody with no reviews/new to the site as I will need that person to do Part 2 to this project in a few weeks. I am looking for good communication between us.


4) Failure to read directions will lead to failure on my part to respond.


5) Your handshake must include your HRM experience.


Organisation Development and Human Resource Management

With an increase in the retirement-age and an influx of millennials (or Generation Y) in the organisations, the Human Resource Department has to rethink its strategies for talent management across various groups of employees. Analyse the issue of generation diversity within the organisation and its impact on orgranisational development strategy. 


- Structure, Introduction, Summary, Conclusion, Logical flow & Structure (Total 5 marks) 


The Schools of Buddhism*****A++ Rated Tutorial Already***** Use as a Guide Paper*****

Write an individual paper of 700  to 1,050 words that addresses the following questions:

  • Summarize the history of Buddhism and the life of Buddha.
  • Explain the basic teachings of Buddhism.
  • Explain what makes the school of Buddhism you selected unique.

Format citations and references consistent with APA guidelines.

2 page critique

instructions and paper that needs to be critique is attached

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