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  • Explain the basics of inspirational and emotion-provoking communication.
  • Explain the key features of a power-oriented linguistic style.
  • Explain the six basic principles of persuasion.
  • Evaluate basic approaches to resolving conflict and negotiating.

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Briefly define Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluation. Then, discuss which particular level you would use in your Portfolio Project assignment to measure training, and why that level offers a better strategy than utilizing any other level.


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The demand for long-term care services will explode as the population ages and more people live longer with chronic conditions. Who will pay for these services and how will they be delivered? In your answer, be sure to address the following: a. Name the major types of LTC facilities we studied this class and describe the patient population it serves. Be sure to include what services are typically provided by each LTC facility. b. How is LTC care facilities financed?

Clinical Integration




The body of your document should be at least 1500 words in length.


● Quoting should be less than 10% of the entire paper. Paraphrasing is necessary.

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Analyze the following trends in HR over the last 10 years in 700 to 1,050 words:

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