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You should  read the Harvard Business Review (HBR)article “Crucibles of Leadership” by Warren Bennis and Robert J. Thomas found in the HBR MGMT 464 Course Packet and write a 4-7 page personal reflection paper*

Human Resources succession plan

Research and design a Human Resources Succession plan for a health care organization.

Wk 1

In your first week and throughout this course you will encounter medical terminology.  Medical terminology helps professionals to describe the human body and its components, medical conditions, and functions in a science-based manner.  Chapter 1 of your text nicely defines kinesiology, which, broadly described, is the study of movement. For this discussion, you must address both Part I and Part II below in one initial post within the forum.  


week 9

Effective Leadership in a Global Constituency



Final Project Instructions:

Based upon what you have learned, and the research you have conducted, why is it important for HR Management to transform from being primarily administrative and o

Case Analysis: Dell Computer Spins Out of Control

Instructions: Please read the following case description of "Dell Computer Spins Out of Control". After reading this case, you should prepare an analysis following the guidelines I have provided. The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate that you can apply the concepts, principles, and theories presented in the course readings.
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