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Describe the two major battles of 1863 that did the most to demoralize the South and hasten the end of the Civil War. Why did you choose these battles? What had been going on up till that point?

This is a question to a discusson  post need about, 7-8 sentenes with a reference and in text cite, single space

Black art movement

write about the black art 

-no plagiarism

-write1and half to 2  pages

-downpayment is 5$

-read the doc

Assignment : 8

In your informed opinion and based on your research discuss the future efforts to stop human trafficking. What more can we do?

Assignment : 7

Discuss the roles that various disciplines/professionals have to play in anti-trafficking efforts. Explains ways to make the public aware of the crimes associated with human trafficking, Identify research gaps in human trafficking studies.

a minimum of a 500-word  Cite

write about

wirte about Guerilla Warfare Che Guevara.

- down payment 5$

- NO  plagiarism

-2 full pages 

u.s history

2 progessive work 

1 essay




Art History

ASSIGNMENT: Using 800–1000 words, you are to write a formal analysis

Formal analysis: 

History Movie Reflection

Reflection to a History movie. Due at 11:30 tonight . Has to be 300-400 words. 

military history

military history 6-10 pages and outline must accompany

history homework

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