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book: Celia a Slave

Celia, A Slave - Ch. 6-8

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This week you have finished reading Celia, A Slave. If you have been reading the book contextually, the verdict should not be a surprise. Use this final discussion board to reflect on how the book fits into the course and the materials that we have studied. Write a 300-word response that includes the following: •How does this book fit with the broader course materials. Consider this an opportunity to work out your thesis. •What examples from the course might you use to support your position.

Graduate history

In the essay "Historians and Their Duties" Jonathan Gorman begins with the question, “Do historians as historians have an ethical responsibility, and if so to whom?” Drawn from the essay, briefly share your understanding of ethical responsibility in historical writing. 

250-300 words

HIS 105- Discussion Question

Please respond to ONE of the following questions in a post of no fewer than 200 words.

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