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Describe the old kingdom period of egypt , from queen Nimathap through king Snefru , first king of the fourth Dynasty . At a minimum include the following .

Queen Nimathap , memphis ( white walls ) , king Sanakhte , king Djoser , the building of Djoser's step Pyramid , Imhotep , the use of Pyramid complexes , king Khaba , king huni and the Meydum pyramid , king Snerfu , the bent Pyramid and the red pyramid.


please make sure there are no plagiarism !! . It's my midterm exam so please do it well.


history homework

there are 6 photo each one have 1 topic i need to write essay about one of them .so you can choose one of them and write about it 
3 pages and this homework due after 24hours .

history journal assignment


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You alrady have assignment 

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"Understanding Barriers to Our Own Thinking" Please respond to the following:

Choose one person who is an archetypical American and their characteristics

Must be at least 500 words and choice must appear in "Out of Many, A history of american people"

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