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How, having lost the popular vote in 2000, did George Bush become president?

 initial response to the question should be between 250 - 300 words long. Include references and citations where necessary to ensure proper credit and documentation of your sources. You are welcome to include references in addition to the course textbook, just ensure that you use proper documentation.


Course booklet:America, a concise history, volume 2, 6th edition

Early United State history

The instructions will be in the attachment, Please read it carefully 

revising Essay for East Asia History course

I posted my completed essay which need to be revised according to my professor's FEEDBACK(all in attachment), everything should be following to his feedback. The instruction for essay is with it in attachment. There are a lot of unclear statement and wrong concentration in my essay which need to be revised. Also, i posted BOOK SOURCE that need to be added in the essay. And there are 3 outside sources in my essay which are not matching with my statement so that you need to find three new sourcesn online!

American History II Unit VIII One-Page Essay (CATHERINE OWENS ONLY)

Unit VIII Scholarly Activity 

Trace the evolution of your profession (or another chosen profession), field of study, or branch of service, starting in the Cold War era and continuing all the way to the present, globalized world. 

As you begin gathering research, make sure to consider important social, political, and economic movements, as well as Civil Rights struggles, that have impacted the profession you chose to write about. 


American History II Unit 7 Two-Page Essay and Powerpoint Presentation (CATHERINE OWENS Only)

This course has introduced and assessed many noteworthy figures related to the continuing buildup of the United States and its place within the world and globalization during the last 140 years. For this assignment, you will choose a noteworthy civil rights leader from the mid-20th century to the present. Your selection must be of an influential civil rights figure from the mid-20th century to the present, however you may not use any U.S. President.


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