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religion paper

Creat your own religion. It can be humorous. Feel Free to have funin the process. As you design it think about what scholars might say about the religion and how the might anylize it in terms of: definition of religion , historical development of religion, psycology, myth, ritual and symbols sociology, beliefs, ethics, and women's issues. For the essay, pretend that you are a religious studies scholar analyzing this new religion interms of the subjects. (HINT: Obviesly the purpose of this essay is to show how much you know and understand the concep of "exoteric".


Answer the following set of questions in 1-2 pages, Word Document format (12 font; double-spaced). When you have completed the exercise, please submit the document to the 'Critical Engagement Exercise 2' dropbox (under the 'Assessment' tab on the dashboard above) no later than 8AM on Monday, February 1.

HUM401 M4A2: Gender Equality in America


Assignment 2: Gender Equality in America


HUM401 M4A1 Discussion - Forces of Oppression


Assignment 1: Forces of Oppression


Discussion Question


Write two 4 paragraph articles on Primary Sources

*READ ALL OF THIS FIRST*. Then  start by reading ALL of  the "Primary Source.docx" that I attached FIRST! That will explain a lot and is the specific instructions given by the professor. The objective is to write about two primary sources, which the instructions will state. I already chose the two primary sources. The primary sources that i chose are described in detail under the attachments "Tradgedy at a wounded knee" and "Lynch Law in Georgia". You will notice in the instructions it refers to a "written analysis document worksheet"...this is attached as well!

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