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You are required to write a thematic paper that traces one of the biblical themes discussed in the course.

The paper should be 1000-2000 words in length and follow MLA style. Choose one of the options below:

Thermatic paper



Compare and contrast what happens after Jesus dies on the cross in Mark and Matthew. Cite significant details that are similar or different.  Include references to Imperato and Cory. Use MLA format.


pls help with this historical write up...500 words


History Homework

I need someone to write me a 5-7 paper on reasons that lead to the civil war. 

follow the instruction and write the essay

Documentary Analysis: watch a movie, preferably a documentary, set in a historical context prior to 1500.  Based on what you’ve learned in class and/or read on your own, analyze the historical value of the movie you watched.  Focus on these aspects of the movies you watch: a) assumptions and biases, b) basic chronological accuracy, and c) does it fundamentally aim to inform its audience or just to entertain?

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