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For Dantezz please

For Dantezz Please


History 102

For this question, we are once again asking you to assume the role of a traveler.  It is the late-1700s and you are a student at Professor Pangloss’ Academy of Interesting Observations in Westphalia (in what will someday be Germany).

Need help Wendy Lewis only


CSTU 101 need help with question about Roman Empire.

Essay questions for Sociology of Developing Countries

Answer these six questions as comprehensively as possible.  Your answers can come from your readings or the Internet, but be sure to cite all of your sources. 

gut reaction

"Even the Ran" feature film

1.)Please watch the feature length film "Even the Rain" (1hr 45 min) and write a gut reaction.

The election of Barack Oboma

"The Election of Barack Obama" Please respond to the following: Please respond in a primary posting of at least 200 words.

Book report on African studies

The assingment is due in 5 days. It is a book report. 800 words or 5 to 6 pages, it is a summery of Joyes of motherhood; the instructor gave us three options but I need you to only choose from the first two. Also I need it to be simple. 

Answer the questions below - see the Fromat - JUST 1 PAGE IN 2-3 HOURS

I need this easy 1 page the next 3 hours  please


Write a document based essay on the following:

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