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In this five-page essay, your task is to consider how Enlightenment philosophes sought change in their societies. Select a theme from Voltaire's Candide (for example, religion, government, slavery, marriage, patriarchy, etc.) and explain how Voltaire satirizes it as a way of calling for reform.

America histrory

what is the preaching style in the camp meeting scene?

What role do women play in this depiction?



Describe the Progressive movement. What were its goals and objectives? Do you think the movement was largely successful during this time? Were there any drawbacks to progressive public policy? 


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Question 1:

Discuss the relationship of humanity with the natural world. Compare one example of Chinese architecture (not the Great Wall) with one example of Japanese architecture, including shrines and temple sites. What underlying beliefs of each culture are reflected in the choices seen in the buildings? Think about the exterior architecture as well as the interior plans, the location of the buildings, and the surroundings of the buildings. How do the architects reflect the natural world in the buildings?

Question 2:

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