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  1. Explain the difference and relationship between faith, religion, and theology.

  2.  What are the two important elements of theology (for both theology in the narrow and broad sense).

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Assignment Instructions

A Short Paper Assignment allows you, early in the course, to demonstrate your research skills to your instructor and to receive feedback that will benefit you when you write yo

history questions

use own words, each question should at least 50 words, and anwer the questions one by one.


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Black Aesthetics and Black Polities

1.     Black Aesthetics and Black Politics:  Review select

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follow the proposal to finish the paper

Write a ten pages African History Essay

You need to follow the proposal that I upload below and write a ten pages African music History essay.  You need to write about: 1.The earlist African music. 2. The seperations and types of African music 3. Modern African music, How does the history impacts today's music.  4.The African music's culture and its impaction.


Read the proposal below! 


Cultural Awareness Essay on the country of Jordan

Please read through everything in the attached document.



*be in apa format

*thesis statement

*use at least 3 different resources (WIKI IS NOT A CREDIBLE SOURCE)

*include everything outlined in the attached document

*contain some information about the US Army Air defense artillery currently in jordan. IE: where are they, why, how long have they been there, etc.


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