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1) What is the author’s thesis statement?

2) Does the author argue for his or her thesis consistently and logically? List three sentences that support the main thesis.


History Assignment/Paper

This assignment is due tomorrow by 10 PM Eastern Time. Once this assignment is complete and I receive feedback I will forward that to you to complete the final paper. Please choose whatever topic best suits you but I would prefer African American as I had already mentioned in a previous assingment that my paper would be on that topic. No Plagarism. I was referred to you so I am hoping you are the best at what you do and take pride in not plagarising. 

HIS 105: American History after 1865

Historical Event Influence" Please respond to the following: Please respond in a primary posting of at least 200 words.

project proposal

design history research paper proposal

Old Testament questions - plagiarism check will be run - time sensitive

1) what 4 worlds does the vocalic world of interpretation include and explain. Drawing might help but will not be sufficient.


2) Explain the covenants mentioned in scripture and where they climax? Chart might help but not sufficient for all 5 points


3) tell me one significant thing about each of the above on the timeline. one sentence of the most important thing I should know about them is fine. 

“The Communist Manifesto” Paper

“The Communist Manifesto” DUE 3/20

Assignment Instructions

It has to have some of the envisioning reader that post in their

For this question, we are once again asking you to assume the role of a traveler.  It is the late-1700s and you are a student at Professor Pangloss’ Academy of Interesting Observations in Westphalia (in what will someday be Germany).

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