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Music history 3 pages essay

Essay instructions are in the files: 

  • blues_midterm_essay_questions.pdf
  • tips_and_tricks_for_short_essays.pdf

Songes listed in the file:

  • history_of_blues_class_schedule_-_spring_2016-2.pdf

Readings are in the other files.


Subject: American History assignment below

900 to 1100 words



-12 pt. font


-You must use the funnel style for your introduction


-No “floating quotations”


-Remember to ground your analysis in the text and use historical details and quotes to support your argument. 




-You must use Chicago Style footnotes to cite your sources


i want it to be on time

these are two diffrents topics each one 4-5 pages with an additonal sources page 



Please write the reply under each one .

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