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HIS 206 Week 5 Final Paper


Final Project


For your Final Project, you may write a paper or create a PowerPoint presentation.


Reforms of the 1800's

List the reforms advocated by the various groups during the first half of the 1800s, and discuss which groups were most involved with each. 


Discussion threat. Need 6-7 sentences single space a references and intext cite.

The Oregon Territory

How did President Polk go about ending the disagreement with the British over the Oregon Territory?

Disscussion threat. need 6-7 sentences single space with a reference and intext cite

discussion 1

Prepare: Read Chapters 7, 8 and 9 of the textbook. Find a primary source from the 1920s that is related to the group that you chose for your Final Project and that you can use in your Final Project.

Research project on history?


has to be related to US HISTORY ONLY 

In the attached file there is the discription of what the professor is requiring. 

IM NOT DOING POWERPOINT im doing the alternative project 

which requires a 5 page paper with work cited from primary and secondary source.

everything that is required is in the attachment. all i need you do to is the 5 page report 

on any of the following topics or what you desire.

Along with work cited 


DUE : Friday May 19th, 2017 

PST  7pm



write a short reflective essay (about 100 words) reflecting on the Constitutional Revolution

 Please write a short reflective essay (about 100 words) reflecting on the Constitutional Revolution. Where do you see its impacts in your own life? 


week 7

Determine whether you prefer Debussy or Mahler after listening to works by each at the Websites below or in this week's Music Folder and after reading about them. Explain the reasons for your preference. Here we find musical composers inspired by poetry and by philosophy. Identify one (1) element within a work that you find interesting or intriguing by either composer, with regard to the manner in which the work is performed or conducted. Describe the types of things that inspire you to creativity.

write a short essay (about 100 words) on the impacts of Reconstruction


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