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Prof Billy Elite

explain all the raquerements in goverment finance and its advantages.

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Prof Billy Elite

explain the benefits of democracy.

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online quiz 5 questions only optional


i need you to do a whole rewrite on the following report , make a good rewrite ,a good parapghrase n o similarities:

Regional Music of Mexico

Aca Entre Nos by Vicente Fernandez, Performed by Vicente Fernandez


i want a whole rewrite on the following , no similarities please:



Mann readings on the Incas 


Election Analysis Paper

I require assistance on a Political Science (Comparative Politics) paper analyzing upcoming elections in major nations.

It needs to be a medium-length analytical paper involving basic research about any one upcoming election from the following list: 

France: Presidential Election -- First Round: April 23rd, 2017 & Second Round: May 7th, 2017 

Iran: Presidential Election -- May 19th, 2017 


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