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contemporary World History - Post 1945: HIS

 This is a short answer question. Just answer this question

1. Imagine yourself as the president—or military dictator, or king or queen—of a small, very poor, rural country that gained its independence in the 1960s. (You may name your country whatever you wish...have fun!)  What specific actions would you take in order to improve the lives of your people? Would you see the Cold War as a threat or an opportunity?



***Romans 3:1-30

***3,000 words


***5 sources (min)



for brilliant answers only



please help me with my history essay 

I have posted 3 documents : 

student sample + the prompt + grading rubric

please read them 


and i'll also send you my pass to the online book 

because  we are required to cite from it as a primary source


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