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History HW

Once the United States got involved in World War I, what role did it play in winning the war and framing the peace that followed? Should the United States have stayed out of the war?


US history question

Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor? How did the United States fight the war in the Pacific, and how was it able to win the war? What were the long-term effects of America’s victory in the Pacific?


Thomas Jefferson and Slavery History

8 questions  5 on part 1     3 on part 2

2-3 pages long 



Thomas Jefferson and Slavery

There are 5 question about Thomas Jeffeson and slavery. 

I need to get answers after 2 hours.

Anwers would be 2-3 pages.


I need these 2 discussion board questions done by 8pm tomorrow. Willing to pay $25 for these.


1st Assignment, required reading, and question, and directions:






No Excuses University--Culture of Universal Achievement

Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.” – Jim Collins


the term 21st century skills suggests that there is a new set of skills that individuals need to possess to be successful as learners, citizens, and employees in the competitive, global economy.  Compare and contrast what the authors identify as twenty-first century skills with what you would identify as twenty-first century skills.  Lastly, d

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